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I’m sure you’ve all realized by now that Revelation Online uses wings as a mode of transportation. They do have wings on characters in just about every picture they publish for the game after all. And as stylish as they are, it stands to reason that players would at least like them to be somewhat useful.

Not to mention they’ve talked about them on more than just a few occasions.

However, they’ve not discussed the game’s wing system at length… until now. The most recent blog post from is all about those wings. Feathery wings, icey wings, fairy wings… There’s a lot of wings for players to collect. Apparently they can even get robotic or butterfly wings — which is pretty neat, as everyone having angel or demon wings gets real old, real fast.

Wings are obtained in a variety of ways. Some are exclusive to specific factions, some can be crafted by combining two sets of wings. One way to obtain them is via the Black Market, a favor store that offers quests on a daily basis. Players will need to complete these quests to raise their card type with the different factions and obtain access certain sets of wings — particularly the Starlight Dragonfly Wings. (Don’t worry. There are other good reasons to raise your card type with the factions, such as crafting materials, quest items, and cosmetics.)

Other methods of acquiring wings include running dungeons, with different dungeons offering crafting materials for different wing sets. Currently there are three dungeons that offer wing crafting materials.

For more details on the wing situation — and to look at more nifty picks of wing sets — check out the post on the official site.

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