Recently, Hi-Rez has been busy rolling out some big updates for two of its games — SMITE and Hand of the Gods. The SMITE update 4.18, introduces the second chapter of the 2018 Odyssey annual in-game event. This event is the lead-in to the Hi-Rez Expo taking place in Atlanta, Georgia in early January.

This year’s Odyssey event reveals what happened after Hel kicked off Ragnarok in the SMITE comics. It includes 7 Norse Quests and a Norse-specific achievement, as well as four new god skins. Arguably the best of these is the ridiculous Belly Ache Ymir skin.

In addition, the update includes a new sale, achievements, and additions to Project Olympus — Hi-Rez’s ongoing initiative to improve core gameplay features. The full patch notes for update 4.18 are available on the SMITE site.

In the realm of Hand of the Gods, players now have a new pantheon to play with. The Hindu pantheon brings with it nearly 30 new pantheon-specific cards. In the same update players will also find new neutral cards to add to their decks. The update also includes balancing changes as well as a couple of bug fixes. The patch notes for this update are available on the Hand of the Gods site.


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