Today, Hi-Rez kicked off tournaments for SMITE, Paladins, and its newest game Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics at DreamHack Valencia. Between the three tournaments, the company is offering contenders a chance at $350,000, with the breakdown being as follows:

  • SMITE Pro League Summer Finals:​ $150,000
  • SMITE Console League Summer Finals:​ $50,000
  • Paladins Summer Premier:​ $100,000
  • Paladins Console Wars:​ $50,000
  • Hand of the Gods Valencia Open:​ $7,500

For those interested in checking out the tournaments, full details can be found on the Hi-Rez site.

In addition to the tournaments, Hi-Rez made major announcements for each of the games, beginning with the launch of the Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics Open Beta. In honor of Open Beta, Hi-Rez introduced the Venus Competitor’s Pack which unlocks over 70 cards and several bonuses — including a Venus skin for Aphrodite in SMITE.

As for SMITE itself, a new initiative was announced titled Project Olympus. The initiative is intended to improve core game features with changes rolling out over several patches.

Finally, the 30th Paladins champion, Jenos, was announced today. Jenos is a Support Champion and the 10th champion to be added to the game this year. Hi-Rez also announced a new map for the game and a visual rework for Ruckus. And… In celebration of DreamHack, Hi-Rez is offering Twitch viewers the opportunity to get their hands on the DreamHack Maeveskin via Twitch drops.



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