War Thunder’s newly released 1.41 update has moved its tank-centered Ground Forces expansion off the closed beta assembly line and into open beta. Upon logging in, players may choose from their available tanks found in the new Army research tab before queuing up.

The switch to open beta was accompanied by a full progress wipe for those who participated in the Ground Forces closed beta, however all research progress going forward will be permanent. Update 1.41 also added several new aircraft while improving shadow performance and updating War Thunder’s visual effects. A full list of changes can be found in the official changelog.

We took a look at Ground Forces during its closed beta and found it to be a serious contender for the current reigning champion World of Tanks. What do you think?

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  1. Game ballance is shit! You can be on shotted from medium tank in hull from super huge range, anti tank uniots are almost useless like in wot, they dont have air support skill also, very slow moving and reloading, war thuder just copy paste wot, everything is very expensive, without donating and subscription u need years to unlock one tree, epic fail, sad i though they learned from russian jews from belarus

    • Ya, i agree, im tired of fighting level 2-3 tanks with my lvls ones :(. same with planes, im always fighting jets, when i don’t even have any unlocked myself lol.

  2. Looks like this will give WoT a serious run for it’s money. Wargaming has been long overdue for a hard kick in the pants.

    • Too bad that “LOOKS like it” is all War Thunder does in ground forces department. After half an hour of playing most of the charm dissipates and all that’s left is a slightly buggy, unpolished and tiresome game. Being as boring as it is reallistic it can only hope to complement WoT but never to replace it.

      I’d say they’ve messed up bad with ground forces implementation. Just like Wargaming did with World of Warplanes.

  3. holy bug city. couldn’t even complete the tutorial… disappearing tanks, unassigned buttons, keybindings to switch weapons don’t even work (so couldn’t even complete the tutorial for my free lions), just wow! how did they even release this?

  4. Huh, was wondering why I could suddenly access tanks when I logged into OnLive earlier. I only played one match. The mechanics are easy to understand and fun, but I have a much easier time with the planes, lol.


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