We all thought that action MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online was definitely down for the count, but apparently the health bar was down to that point of questionable comeback, and we have ourselves a resurrection of the fighter headed our way. A good old fashioned swaperoo has Neople taking over Nexon’s place, and first rounds in Alpha begin today.

Originally released in Korea as Dungeon & Fighter, this rumble of the champions has been through many changes in both direction and developer, but the legend lives on. Developers behind the revival are strictly focused on the Alpha test as of now, and bumps in the road are to be expected for testers.

Any brawlers looking to join aboard this Alduke fest can fight their way inside using their Facebook accounts.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


    • ^^^^^

      umad? This game sucks and so do you for liking this rotting, stinking grindfest turd that charges $20 for crappy 2D pixels they call ‘avatars’. What a piece of $hit.

      • Could have just been Nexon who was charging that, you know? It’s not the game’s fault for how the company that controls it puts out the items.

    • nope it doesnt have ip block dont worry even that was confirmed by neople ( the creators of this game) so you can play the game without that.

  1. DFO used to have ip block last time thanks to nexon. Now it’s kinda hosted by the people who published the game and it is NOT ip blocked. I just hope it won’t become like vindictus with limited playtime and everything. Would rather play whenever i want and as long as i want.

  2. Im sure you guys never played this wonderful game. Im glad its coming back because playing the other versions was too much of a hassle. Now we can enjoy this really fun ( although admittedly can get repetitive) actions game

    • As much as I’d want to be hopeful for this game’s revival, I can’t. Nexon messed it up badly but even still, there is a lot wrong with the way the game is designed. At its core, the biggest problems are the economy, the way the game manages connections, the stamina system and the reliance on extreme stat stacking.

      I would know; I beta tested this game and played for years–right up until after Male Mage was released.

      The biggest issue with the economy–and before you say anything, it is not strictly dictated by the players–is the way it was designed. That is to say, to use a comparison to Vindictus;

      In DFO, most of the valuable items are rare gear and the cash shop avatar pieces + pets. So much so that in fact, what little crafting could be done was often a gold sink. It was less profitable and sometimes cheaper to buy a weapon from the auction hall than to actually make that weapon using materials. That is simply terrible. Crafting an item should always be cheaper than buying the finished item straight up, yet it was not so in DFO. Seeing as how a large portion of the economy was in dealing with cash shop items, it ended up that whoever spent the most real money had the most gold. These ‘elite’ few had so much money they could(and did) monopolize items on the marketplace. It is simply bad design.

      Vindictus, as I said I would compare to, is the exact opposite. Gear holds only moderate value unless highly refined–simply being rare is not enough. It is also far easier to get money because crafting is important–and items needed for crafting and refining drop in dungeons at a respectable rate. They are always in demand, and thus earning money for what you require is never difficult.

      Having touched on the economy, it is noteworthy that both DFO and Vindictus use peer2peer. However Vindictus got attention in this category and as of late, the number of ‘bad’ connections is close to nonexistant. DFO didn’t have that luxury and for most, PVP was simply impossible. Dungeon runs also turned into complete circuses at times.

      The stamina system has always been an ugly issue and it never truly disappeared in DFO. I can’t understand why it is that it existed at all; Vindictus did away with their ‘token’ system and has been fine since. Facebook games get away with it because 99% of facebook ‘gamers’ are casuals at best. You don’t need a game to tell you when to stop playing. If I want to play DFO all day, I should damn well be able to play it all day. Don’t tell me to just switch characters; if I want to do 30 levels on my Blademaster I should damn well be able to do so DFO.

      Lastly, the extreme stat stacking. While many will say Avatars are more for looks than stats, they clearly have not played at the 65+ bracket. The attack speed and stats gained from Avatars change the playing field entirely. Anyone who doesn’t have it performs vastly worse. Enemies become so powerful at 65+ that you also require a highly refined weapon, especially if you are a Blademaster, Ranger, Battle Mage. I have to ask–why? Why put so many roadblocks to progression? Is it not enough to have to repeat the same ‘dungeon’ 20+ times for quests and simply grinding for XP? To compare; in Vindictus at 50+ you can easily get by with an unrefined, level appropriate weapon. Bosses are more about proper play in Vindictus, whereas in DFO high end bosses are mostly gimmicky with instant-kill moves and HP so high that you require ridiculous gear to properly progress.

      As I said; I should be hopeful since Neople themselves made the game. Perhaps they can turn it around. But I can’t get excited; not after seeing a lot of the problems the game itself has–problems not caused by Nexon, but by design itself.

      • Do you think that the new publishers of DFO will turn this game around fully, or they will just keep it the same? Personally this game was really fun to me as a kid and I’m hoping that it gets better.

  3. I will play it when I have the time. never got the chance before so to me it’s something new and to others could be different.

    • Yeah same here,Dark Blood was awesome..i don’t even understand why it was shut down,people were playing it like crazy.

        • Well yeah delay happens,especially in PvP -.-” still was so much better than most of action games at todays market,C9,Vindictus or Tera..they suck totaly…

          • vindictus and tera are fun mmos. c9 was ok… but you are also comparing difference types of mmos too. but dfo was a fun game. but i never really played much of it. but vindictus and tera doesn’t suck. maybe they are grind based. but they are still fun mmos.


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