MMOBomb had the chance to preview some of the early gameplay available within the War Thunder: Ground Forces closed beta. Spunkify was able to try out some of the early German and Soviet tanks while giving his initial thoughts on where Ground Forces currently sits and whether it has what it takes to take on World of Tanks.

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  1. Agree/ disgree WOWP does look realistic i just dont like it. While WOT is always being updated from new game modes to a new nation (Japanese) and all the other fixes with new tanks being added War Thunder is gonna have a miracle to catch up with WOT. WOT just finished update 8.10. World of warships is in Alpha testing with release next summer. With a plan to combine all 3 games at once it will be the best. However War Thunder did beat Wargaming (Company of Wot, WOWP etc) at making planes and tanks at the same time WOT has to many features like clans team mode etc for war thunder to get close. Great job with your planes version but the tanks you guys should just leave alone. It would take years to get it to the level of WOT right now and they would still be light years ahead of you

    • I don’t believe they have concrete plans to combine any at all anymore hence why WT have beaten them to combining planes and tanks on 1 map – they also stated the game-play for the warships will be a lot lot slower when compared to tank or plane battles.

      I follow a WoT blog and in some QAs they did with Devs/high level guys they stated that they didn’t push to combine (initially) planes and tanks on 1 map due to their belief that it would cause too much imbalance.

  2. I still prefer War Thunder over World of Warplanes. War thunder is more realistic where the game doesn’t have HP and only relies on where you hit your enemy. At the look of it Ground Forces is more realistic where they doesn’t add a HP which is really good, but relies on where you get hit which is really nice. I just simply can’t wait to try out Ground Forces.


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