The list of games that Boss Key Productions brought down has added new member. LawBreakers and Radical Heights are the two well-known members of that club, but now you can add Digital Extremes’ The Amazing Eternals to that list.

Speaking to PCGamesN, VP of Publishing Meridith Braun said that TAE was the “right game at the wrong time” and that it was cancelled, in part, due to DE’s seeing LawBreakers stumble out of the gate:

“The competitive landscape at that time was pretty hefty. We just saw LawBreakers not do so great, and it was a fantastic game, so that was sad.”

Another reason why Amazing Eternals was scrapped was to provide extra manpower to the Plains of Eidolon expansion for Warframe, which Braun said “really blew up and doubled the numbers on Warframe.”

Finally, the article repeats that old — and demonstrably false — chestnut that LawBreakers was trying to “escape low player counts” at launch to become successful, just as Warframe did. A simple look at Steamcharts shows that Warframe averaged around 10,000 concurrent players at the time of its launch, and for over a year thereafter. That’s far less than the numbers it pulls now, granted, but that hardly makes it an unsuccessful game. Even today, that would place it around the midway point of Steam’s top 100 list, and that wouldn’t count people playing on DE’s launcher for the game. LawBreakers, by comparison, topped out at around 3,000 players following its launch in August of 2017 and plummeted immediately thereafter. The two aren’t comparable, in any way, except possibly in Cliff Bleszinski’s imagination.


  1. The game sounded nice on paper, But the game play it self felt so constricting with the movements and it wasn’t as fluid like with how most moba fps shooters are today.


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