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Most multiplayer games these days have some rules regarding toxicity. Sometimes, the discipline that’s handed out can be subjective; was what that person said really so bad as to get him or her banned? Or was it semi-good-natured trash talk?

So, you be the judge of this “positive reinforcement message” from a League of Legends player and YouTuber. Does he go too far?

LoL Banned

Gee, I don’t know. Really, if you can ban someone for a minor infraction like that, then there’s simply no justice in the world.

OK, sarcasm aside, it’s no surprise that YouTuber Dunkey got nailed by Riot for that little “incident.” But what makes things even more amusing is Dunkey’s response. According to Kotaku, he went full retard and slammed Riot and League of Legends for his ban. His reasoning boils down into a few salient points:

  • “Talking shit is probably one of the only fun parts of this boring ass game… Let me be serious here, League of Legends doesn’t work as a competitive game or a fun party game to play with your friends. As of today, I have more than eight thousand matches played on this game, so I have some legitimate grounds to review the game on.” So he’s played this “boring game” 8,000 times. Good use of your life, man. Now you can go back to the schoolyard and beat up fifth-graders.

  • “I’ve been consistently putting out League videos since I started out on YouTube.” He then labels himself a “top guy promoting their game.” To his credit, he does have 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. To his discredit, there are about 1.8 million people (give or take) who make League of Legends viewers on YouTube.

  • “I think multiplayer games should reward the time and practice you put into them, and that you should be able to call other people scum fuck bastards.” Because MURICA, right?

  • If you want to show the slightest bit of sympathy for Dunkey, it appears that the player he was, uh, “criticizing,” was playing poorly. Lead Game Designer of Social Systems Jeffrey Lin said that Riot is aware of that issue working on “launching a new system that can detect when people are feeding the other team intentionally.” Maybe they should also include a system for immediately recognizing when someone calls someone else a “scum fuck bastard.”

    Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


    1. Article is about how flaming is bad, yet article persists to source the writer Patricia Hernandes of Kotaku whom wrote the article “killing female gamers in MMOs should be considered rape”, and then article flames continues on to flame youtuber for flaming. Disgustingly hypocritical. @MMOBOMB Please get this writer off this site.

    2. This article is completely biased. If the publisher had even taken the time to watch the video, maybe he would’ve known that this video had more a joking tone than a serious one. I believe that though Dunkey was a bit, er, harsh, this player who was deliberately feeding in a Plat ranked match deserved this.

    3. People. People, most of you seem to be overlooking the most crucial fact of the matter in this case, and it is as follows;
      This writer listens and believes in Kotaku.

      Do you truly need anything else to know who to side with, and who is pushing an agenda?

    4. I highly doubt he was 100% serious. He was banned for 2 weeks…

      He’s not stupid enough to risk his entire fanbase just because he was banned for 2 weeks.

      The kid is a fat neckbeard with an autistic girlfriend, but he still has somewhat of a feel for how his viewers will react

      • Yeah sure go ahead call someone you propably don’t even know autistic (I’d never defend dunkey, Dude’s hilarious as fu*k but still an asshole. But Leah is a Pretty cool Person).

    5. This is a funny thread, all you people defending that LoL degenerate for expressing his opinion (poorly) then turning around and bashing the writer of this article for expressing his. Grow up hypocrites.

    6. I don’t normally do this but I must call you (Jason Winter) on a few things. First and foremost once I saw that you sourced this out of Kotaku I instantly knew that you are ill-informed on the matter, Kotaku is pedaling their agenda and i cant help but to think that you are doing the same thing or you are just too lazy to inform yourself before writing something so petty. Your attempt to use memes on this article turns this whole thing into a petty rant, you are reporting half facts with half truth to appeal to peoples emotions and helping pedal an agenda even if that is not your intention. Lastly you forgot to mention that with one click you can easily mute players you do not with to communicate with, while this is counter productive in a team based game I understand why some people might want to avoid trolls. Competitive games tend to foster competition, the problem lies when someone is deliberately stops being competitive. This issue has existed way since before LoL and Riot has done little to nothing to prevent this kind of behavior (feeding/trolling), they do discourage people but the results from the systems implemented by Riot are not very effective. By no means I am saying that Riot is doing something wrong by banning this guy, but I think the bigger issue lies beyond what you failed to report and directly influences the issues pointed out in this article. “Veteran gaming journalist” sourcing Kotaku , I wouldn’t be surprised if you identify as an SJW.

      • I just noticed the Article in Kotaku was written by Patricia Hernandes, the same woman that proposed that “killing female gamers in online games be considered rape” among other atrocities like she claims to have been molested by a toddler. I beg of you, do some homework before providing a disservice to your audience.

    7. Meh.. LoL sucks anyway. MOBAs are pretty boring and ridiculously unbalanced..

      yaay lets go play YASUO or ZED and penta kill everyone…

    8. How poorly written. You write an article about someone making fun of someone and gets banned… yet you do the same thing? So it makes the article confusing.. you say you don’t support the behavior… but you do?

      You’re getting to old to write for this site. Retire.

    9. LMFAO!!!! Dunkey….QQ lil girl. and for all the Dunkey fanboys…..haha. Dunkey should be exempt from being a douche bag? Anyone check the terms and conditions to most F2P MMO’s?? wouldn’t fly on most games.

    10. Winter you sir are a moron in all accounts, this was clearly written with a pencil up your truly.

      oh wait are you going to write an article of what i just said?

    11. I understand that this is clickbait, right? You do know that everyone loves Dunkey and that he is in the right here? All that he says about LoL is accurate.
      And quoting Kotaku, the greatest scumbags of the gaming journalist world? Those unethical pieces of shit have the GALL to criticise him for asking Riot a favor, while they themselves are constantly calluding with developers and publishers, without almost ever disclosing the fact?
      Mr Winter, while you probably got some clicks thanks to this article, don’t expect most people to come back. You and your website are now on my personal blocklist.

    12. This post was so immensely filled with ignorance, I don’t even have to point out anything, everybody else did.

      I’ve been around for about 2+ years. I’m not even going to bother to come back here. Let me know when you have any beta keys.

    13. Did you even watch his video until the end?Did you even listen to his reasons for quitting league or did you just write this because you dont have anything else to write?In the beggining of his video he said that he was 2 points away from a series(meaning the next match is very important to him).The Malphite from his team started feeding all the enemy players one by one intentionally (my guess is that he did that because he didnt get the role he wanted and as we all know from league if someone doesnt get his role he turns into a 5 year old) and Dunkey’s response to Malphite was what is shown in the picture above. After that he got banned from Riot games due to toxic behaviour. The main point from his video (which you obviously didnt understand or you did but for the sake of drama ignored it) was that he got banned from swearing but other players like Malphite (players who feed and ruin the game for 4 people, players who afk , players who go for random builds that obviously dont work, in general players who ruin the whole experience) never get banned (if you had done your research properly like a good journalist you would know that Malphite wasnt banned even though at least 4 people reported him) but he(Dunkey) got banned for swearing. Note that there is a mute button in the game which can prevent this (but there is no solution if your teammate is feeding) meaning anyone who is offended by another player can mute the player and be done with it. Now that i told you the point of his video ill go over your points.
      -“So he’s played this “boring game” 8,000 times. Good use of your life, man. Now you can go back to the schoolyard and beat up fifth-graders.” You must realise he’s been a youtuber for many years and has a lot of subs meaning youtube is his job. I can safely say that at least half of these games were only made in order to put them up as videos for his channel (since he takes his job seriously unlike some journalists i know). The schoolyard part was really not needed since swearing on a game and beating up people is not the same.
      -“He then labels himself a “top guy promoting their game.” To his credit, he does have 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube. To his discredit, there are about 1.8 million people (give or take) who make League of Legends viewers on YouTube.” Do you have any idea how many people play league because of this guy? Sure he might not be the top guy (to be honest i dont know who the “top guy” for league is so maybe its him maybe not) but you cant deny that thousands of people play because of him, 1,8 million subs isnt a small number man. I dont get the second part of what you wrote so i wont comment on that.
      -“Because MURICA, right?” You really didnt have anything else to say so you wanted to sound smart, didnt you? Your reply doesnt even make sense to me, what does America have to do with what he said? He is saying that if a player ruins my game i should be able to call him whatever i want (hey if he/she has a problem with that he/she can mute me) and when i play games that im doing good i should be rewarded,unlike now( you get a tiny ribbon that has nothing to do with the gameplay as a reward).
      To wrap this up you didnt understand the point of his video which is quite sad since he has been making league videos for 4-5 years and you didnt even spent 5 minutes to think and understand about his reasons for stopping league and you made a half-assed post (correct me if im wrong i thought this website was for online gaming news not youtubers, whats next pewdiepie?If you dont have anything to post then dont post anything instead of posting random shit.) which didnt give the correct information to the readers .That said i hope i made you and other people think this differently,thank you for reading.

      • True that.I have watched a lot of Dunkey’s video and he is funny as ever.Too bad he has to quit.But it is inevitable since there is ban on abusing but not on feeding..

      • somtimes builds u think wont work actually work better then good , example ad crit atk speed kayle , noobs cry and complain about it then late game she 2 hit kills everyone , because u suggest people should be banned for trying new builds i say your post is idiotic at best . GG surrender at 20

        • If you read at my comment again i typed “players who go for random builds that obviously dont work”. I never said that people shouldnt try new builds but when a build you do is not even close to viable (for example ap zed or ap bard) and you do it all the time then this is a reason you should be banned because you are making the game a 4v5 since you are gonna be useless.

    14. This review definitely left out some details. First off this malphite didn’t feed because he lost lane or whatever but he intentionally walked down every lane and fed the enemy team. Second this wasn’t like a breaking point or anything for him to quit he was obviously tired of league and it’s bs and was going to stop playing anyway but he wanted to finish his getting to diamond video. When Dunkey asked Riot to unban his account it wasn’t for him, it was for his viewers and his fans for his weekly uploud. If he got banned under any other circumstance chances are he wouldn’t care. He was just asking Riot a favor for maybe the several years hes played and promoted their game and its not like it was a huge favor it was honestly just for his viewers which most of do play league aswell. I really don’t get why people are giving Dunkey such a hard time for getting upset with the shitty community and company that league is.

    15. ..buts its league of legends. I’m pretty sure this was the obvious tactic someone going through a LoL withdrawal would perform. Harhar.

    16. I’m sure if some random nobody, who is obviously way too frustrated with everything in his life calls me something like that, I will probably forget it by the end of the game. Maybe there are still people who may get hurt by something like that, but those people are being ridiculous as well, because, I quote myself “if some random nobody, who is obviously way too frustrated with everything in his life” has the power to bring you, another anonymous user down, clearly you have have a problem as well. It’s common knowledge that you can’t take serious what people are saying about you, if they don’t even know anything about you but the character you’ve chosen and how you’ve played for 30-something minutes.

      It’s so ridiculous.

      I just hope this toxicity ends, thanks to people like that being denied access due to their thoughtless actions. The other thing that they can do is disable chat, except for people who are friends and clans (if there are clans in LoL, I don’t know, I don’t play MOBAs), or just as well completely remove it.

      • I agree with what you said, but in this case it probably wasn’t as simple as mute him and move on, usually that’s possible to do because you’re calm.. you simply don’t care what they say, you press that mute button forget about them for the rest of the game and move on, but in this case Malphite was probably alvredy feeling like sh*t and hated the way he played and that fact that he was feeding, you alvredy feel bad enough for letting down your team, but when that team also starts flaming you it’s not that easy to ignore, negative thoughts rush to your head, you think of quting the game, and how this whole match is pointless, you just give up and wait for it to end, and your team is too busy insulting you instead of trying to do something about it and losing whole game while blaming only one person for feeding ONE.. person in enemy team, The game is only truly lost when that one fed person can 1v5 your team.

        • This is what i mean when i say this review is half-assed because the author left out important details.The Malphite was intentionally feeding every lane from the start of the game not because he lost lane but because he didnt go mid. If you start feeding intentionally because you didnt get your lane and make me lose my series because the game is unplayable you should expect me to flame you for the rest of the match.

          • You are taking a game too seriously, unless you are playing in a tournament for money, it’s not worth getting angry over something like this. It’s a game, if it gets shut down or you have a toxic player in your match, your life won’t end or you won’t contract an incurable sickness, hence, it’s just a game.

            • While i do agree that it is a game and it should be treated as such can you blame someone for wanting to win in a game? Dont get me wrong im not saying that people should flame when they lose BUT if my team lost a match not because of lack of skill but because one of my teammates was feeding isnt it logical for me to get mad since all my hard work(raising rank) will go to waste?

            • “Dont get me wrong im not saying that people should flame when they lose BUT”
              But you render the first part of your run-on sentence completely meaningless by contradicting it with what follows. Pointless wishy-washy disclaimer.

              “if my team lost a match not because of lack of skill but because one of my teammates was feeding isnt it logical for me to get mad since all my hard work(raising rank) will go to waste? ”

              No, it isn’t. The fact that think it’s ‘logical’ shows that you (as well as the rest of the MOBA community) take a video game too seriously, yet refuse to take responsibility for your actions. Sounds like you (and the MOBA community) have a lot in common with Chris-Chan.

            • Have you ever put work into something that makes you happy? Im pretty sure the answer will be yes. You think because its a videogame i shouldnt be upset when people ruin my fun for me? Say youre at school doing a project with some classmates and 4 of you work hard while the 5th one does everything possible to ruin it arent you gonna be mad at him? If youre gonna play the “but its a game” card you should know that if i enjoy doing something (playing games, doing housework, studying etc) it doesnt matter if its a game, i enjoy it and someone else ruins it for me.

            • Getting angry solves nothing. Anyone that responds by wishing death upon others over something so petty is objectively a moron and worse than the instigator.

      • You can’t blame em, this site has it’s days numbered and they’re running out of BS to feed to keep us entertained so.. here we go, quoting some dude in lol.

    17. In my opinion all the “gentlemen” like him should be banned for ruining (even more) someone else’s day because for example you had a sh*tty day you don’t play well and someone like him comes along and you just want to jump out the window.

      • Again there is a mute button. Unlike Dora however there isn’t a vote to kick. Also u don’t go 0/9 while trying. In ranked. He intentionally fed and got yelled at. Dunkeys words hurt no one, the feeding ruined the game for everyone.

    18. I don’t see why you are making it seem like Dunkey is the bad guy though. I watched the video and he pretty much gave all the reasons why I stopped playing league, you just get mad playing the game to the point that it’s not enjoyable, and then when you deal with people like feeders and such like what’s the point?
      Granted what he said was a bit overboard but that’s what you feel like saying when you play league most of the time, especially in ranked.

    19. “So he’s played this “boring game” 8,000 times. Good use of your life, man. Now you can go back to the schoolyard and beat up fifth-graders.”, I’d say making money and doing his job is a pretty good use of one’s life and time…

      His video’s main topic wasn’t his ban and whether or not toxicity is OK or not, he just announced that was quitting the game because he wasn’t having fun with it anymore while also inserting some of his character into the video.

      Aren’t you “journalists” supposed to be objective?

      • You kidding me??

        Watch his video again.He called about the LOL ban system which does not punish feeders compared to the one who abuse them.

        These “intentional” feeders spoil everyone’s game for no reason.And thrash talk which game does not have thrash talkers tell me one?

        btw, he has 1.8 Mil Subs.. u know how much many he is making out of it? get some brains dude!

        • First of all, I think you misread my comment.
          Yes Dunkey mentioned in his video that League is full of feeders and afkers but I don’t think that was the main reason he’s quitting the game. And of course if you’ve played any multiplayer game, then you know they’re all full of flamers and trash talkers, and there’s little Riot or any dev can do about that. Second, I specifically said that making money of his youtube videos is a good use of his time, so I really don’t know why you’re attacking me for defending a guy you’re also defending in your comment.
          Got some brains, dude.

    20. lol is a joke, and riot only cares about money nothing else. also the writer of this “article” is such a pathetic tool defending riot and their pathetic game

    21. Is this really news? Leave dunk be. Honestly if your using the same story (or anything) as kotaku your not doing your image very much good considering they are a offshoot of gamasutra. Which is well known as a crooked and corrupt news outlet.

      • You didn’t play league of legends or you didn’t play it long enough to know that trash talk is the single funny thing left this game…


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