GW2 HoT Hylek

An Italian website landed an interview with ArenaNet this week at E3 and published it today. Then it un-published the interview, possibly because it broke an embargo date, but that didn’t stop folks on Reddit and the Guild Wars 2 forums from snagging it and doing their best to translate the juicy, semi-illicit information.

The most notable information revealed in the interview is a peek at the third season of the Living Story, which should be coming “probably by the end of summer.” Living Story chunks will be delivered in two-three month increments, often with new PvE and PvP content. There’s also the promise of new maps for fractals and sPvP, and there is, of course, more on the game’s partnership with ESL and an apparent championship event taking place Oct. 17. Because esports.

Keep in mind that all of this is dubiously translated and there could be multiple errors. Still, waiting potentially another three months — making it about 11 months total since Heart of Thorns’ launch — for more Living Story is going to be a very difficult sell with players already concerned about the long content drought. Also, we don’t know what led to the article being put up and then hastily taken down, but given the communications snafu ArenaNet’s been famous for in the past, it’s not a great sign that things are getting fixed.

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