Legends Of Runeterra’s Latest Expansion Adds Three New Champions And Prismatic Cards


The Cosmic Creation expansion for Legends of Runeterra dropped earlier this week, and it came loaded with 40 new cards in total, including three new champions — Zoe, Viktor, and Riven — and a new keyword, Augment. Followers with that keyword gain permanent +1/+0 any time a card created by another card comes into play. If that sounds a little confusing, don’t worry — Riot has clarified just what cards count as “created” with this update.

If it’s super-shiny loot you’re looking for, this expansion has you covered, as you can now upgrade your cards into Prismatic Card Styles. This represents just the “first step in card customization,” Riot said, with more ways to glitz up your collection coming in the future.

Meanwhile, Heimerdinger’s lab has “expanded to make more room for science,” with multiple labs being permanently available for experiments. There are four new archetypes for expeditions, too, each utilizing new cards from the set and the Region Roads for Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, and Targon are being upped from 25 to 30 levels, with a Zaun card back on the P&Z track at level 29.

For more on everything included in this update, hit up the Legends of Runeterra site.


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