UPDATE: Due to miscommunication in the original press release, Editor Mike Byrne and CM Scott “DrewUniverse” Cacioppo have adjusted this piece from its original version.

In a little under a month, Lightmare Studio’s animated CCG will be leaving beta and joining the ranks of officially rleased free-to-play CCGs. The launch is slated for December 13, at which point the game will be officially live on both Windows and Mac.

At the same time, new campaigns for the zombie and monk factions (Sleepers of the Avarrach and Descendants of the Dragon) will be introduced, adding two new 40-card starter decks earned by completing each faction’s campaign missions (5-6 missions per faction) and players have even more surprises coming up for long time fans and new players alike.

Of course, you can already check out the game now on Steam or hop on over to the game’s website and get the stand alone client there.

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  1. As far as TCG;s go it is probably one of the better ones on the market and leaves hearthstone for dead. Will appeal to anyone who has a bit of brains and likes to use them.

  2. Wait… they are going Gold…. again? I am pretty sure we were done with that.
    And please, do not get me started on the low playerbase… one of the main reasons I quit IW.
    But that aside just try the game, if you want a unique TCG experience, for it is not bad, it was only badly dealt with.


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