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An exciting new chapter has opened for Lineage II. The Goddess of Destruction update ushers in a new era for Lineage II, with improved graphics, 4x faster levelling and character advancement, eight new specialized classes, fearsome and challenging new bosses, unexplored zones and much more - a revamped world and over 400 hours of brand new gameplay are now available in one of the world’s most successful competitive MMORPGs, all unrestricted and completely free.

To register and play Lineage II now, or for more information about the game and its latest expansion Goddess of Destruction, visit (US) or

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La2Walker 7 years ago
years, but you can now play the one of the originals in a completely revitalized game world. Experience the grandest MMO, now Truly Free! The most compelling world of all is now available to you for free!

JOHN 12 years ago

HELP :) 12 years ago
guys someone can help me? I cant install the game :(

animeblue 12 years ago
look good but my laptop is lagging so much guess i got try it on my pc xD

Theyan 12 years ago
I can't get past MS visual C++ part. Narutoboy said I should uninstall the previous version but I have 5 of them, I don't know the full name of which one I should uninstall. Could someone help? If it matters, I'm using windows 7 64 bit.

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Basche 12 years ago
is it completely free, like no premium membership for more exp and other buffs?

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Saex_Conroy 12 years ago
this game is so bad, it makes me wonder how did people pay $15 a month just to play it.. WoW is far better

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Narutoboy 12 years ago
First of all you're freaking late mmobomb!!!
Second, the installer has a bug right now concerning the ms visual c++ 2010.
You have to uninstall your version first and then run the installer.
As for the shop, yes it has items with buffs but it's not overdone and the items are not permanent either.

So all in all, start playing l2 and show its true playerbase.

Name (Required) 12 years ago
I am having a hard time finding a server with english speaking ppl.

Flirtbutton 12 years ago
I've been waiting for this game to go f2p.

mevip 12 years ago
its funny that their installer isnt even working ... it asks to install ms visual c++ 2008 then it gets stuck like that for ever ... i`ve left it on for an hour and still no progress ... eehhh ... i`ll have to put aside l2 for now i guess ... maybe when they get out from "beta" and release a propper game version ...

Dazzel 12 years ago
Valley Yes, I play Lineage 2 for me and the best mmorpg.
I recommend Lineage 2.

mevip 12 years ago
is it worth playng it ? i mean i like lineage 2 but did they made it pay to win or stuff like that ?they probably have a shop that sells stuff for real money, is it stuff that gives u an edge compared to the other free players or is it just cosmetic stuff ?

TheGamer 12 years ago
OMG so, you guys are a bit late...Check my comment in Top10MMORPG...

Gomez 12 years ago
I have tried this game for 5 min ( including character creation ) and uninstalled.

Opetich 12 years ago
EU - ( it redirects right, but the text is wrong :) )

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