An exciting new chapter has opened for Lineage II. The Goddess of Destruction update ushers in a new era for Lineage II, with improved graphics, 4x faster levelling and character advancement, eight new specialized classes, fearsome and challenging new bosses, unexplored zones and much more – a revamped world and over 400 hours of brand new gameplay are now available in one of the world’s most successful competitive MMORPGs, all unrestricted and completely free.

To register and play Lineage II now, or for more information about the game and its latest expansion Goddess of Destruction, visit (US) or


  1. years, but you can now play the one of the originals in a completely revitalized game world. Experience the grandest MMO, now Truly Free! The most compelling world of all is now available to you for free!

  2. I can’t get past MS visual C++ part. Narutoboy said I should uninstall the previous version but I have 5 of them, I don’t know the full name of which one I should uninstall. Could someone help? If it matters, I’m using windows 7 64 bit.

    • first try the one that says Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable.
      If that doesn’t work I would uninstall them all but im not sure so don’t count on that.

    • There is no premium or sh1t, but the cash shops sell exp buffs and some ppl are talking about a 50%+ status bonus that are acquired on the shop, but i never see it…Really nice game iam lvl 18 and make the first class advance to Knight and i got a D-quality set.

    • i played both,and l2 is better my friend, more content, more action not that i hit,10s then i hit again, and the WoW pvp sucks man, i only liked the arena, and l2 is more complete, with olympiads, a fast pvp that you need to kill everybody not only orcs, much better graphics and the history is really good.AND its FREE and the cash shop its NOT PAY2WIN, while wow still in the subscription, and, if you guys read the news, the wow playerbase is fallling since may…

      • would i lie? if i didnt knew the Warcraft world by heart, if i didnt knew all the quests and stuff, id still play WoW (not on the official server though)

        thing is that both game are from2004, but WoW has the better graphics, quests are in-depth, even the most idiotic quest is more inspiring that L2’s best quest

        WoW’s UI is more comprehensive, while L2’s UI is really chunky and hard to get used to

        if L2’s population increased after going f2p, if WoW went f2p, EVERY other MMO will suffer drastic drops in player base – Perfect World, Forsaken World, Talisman Online, RIFT, Lineage II … every single game will suffer for WoW’s sake, even SWTOR

        and i believe that WoW will go f2p after SWTOR launcher, more precisely with Mists of Pandaria or after it, and this strategic move is aimed to grab SWTOR players back to WoW, which will work, because people will have enough time to see what SWTOR has and actually think if they want to go back to WoW or not

        i think that SWTOR is like the new WoW, though, its improved in many ways, has better combat, space combat and so on, if i had money to spare on games, id give them to Bioware

        • Man, i played wow for some time and then i get bored of the pvp, and my patience blow up everytime i try to kill a mob, because of the god-damm time you have to wait to attack, and no, i dont get inspired by WoW quests, its just like any other game,like l2, and l2, as i know, is more old than wow and still have better graphics.
          Iam a huge Warcraft fan but WoW dissapointed me, i though in a massvie PvP and city raids and i see a very-slow passed pvp even in higher lvls.L2 have the castle siege that is something very nice, since everyone is killing everyone and skill blows up everywhere.Both have good content.
          Its something like that:
          L2=Action PvP/PvE,Hardcore PvP, hard to master pvp here.
          WoW=Slow PvP/PvE, cant say hardcore PvP here, is hard to master but the number of skills are far small than L2.
          WoW is one of the best but in my opnion not worth to pay,I like the complex system of L2.And about SWTOR, i hope bioware know what they are doing, if it gonna be like their other games, iam expecting more cutsenes and dialogues than action, so iam not really exited about it, and i dont like futuristic games, like “WTF?A PLASMA GUN?” so i really like medieval rpgs.

          So L2 for me,WoW for you ;D

          • i was never a fan of Warcraft lore, simply because i was too young or anything to care about it, i barely knew anything about it

            WoW was my first MMO (even though on private servers) but when i entered the world, my mind was blown, it took me quite some time to understand how some things like training skills and other stuff worked, but at some time i was so much into the game i was only thinking about it (and it was all on private servers)

            now i cant stand it, ive never acomplished much in the game, but i enjoyed the stay

            and since both games are from 2004, i think WoW was developed better, more user-friendly and so on

            but i think L2 shouldve been F2P from the very start, while in my opinion, WoW kinda deserves being P2P .. at least in the beginning, now i’ll never pay for it

          • Agree, but in 2004 i think f2p was only in Asia.Well, WoW and L2 have their faults, like l2 being complex but with a nice combat(skills,classes,pvp system and sieges),and WoW was maded user-friendly but the combat system is not that thing, it have a small skill list and classes.I played WoW in private 1x pure blizzlike and like it, but it gets boring after sometime, as you need to quest to level and in l2 i get hooked with the combat,pvp and classes.
            So i dont think l2 should be f2p from the start, because i think it would be like anyother f2p, with less content and the developers will not give any attention to the game, while in this p2p years they maked huge expansions and keeped improving the game to make the people get hooked and pay for the game, like WoW.

            I also never gonna play for WoW, only if they do something with the combat system (both PvE and PvP, iam tired of kill orcs i wanna kill a freakin night elf with with my freakin dwarf !!)

            Lol 3/5 of this topic is your comment and our replies xD

  3. First of all you’re freaking late mmobomb!!!
    Second, the installer has a bug right now concerning the ms visual c++ 2010.
    You have to uninstall your version first and then run the installer.
    As for the shop, yes it has items with buffs but it’s not overdone and the items are not permanent either.

    So all in all, start playing l2 and show its true playerbase.

  4. its funny that their installer isnt even working … it asks to install ms visual c++ 2008 then it gets stuck like that for ever … i`ve left it on for an hour and still no progress … eehhh … i`ll have to put aside l2 for now i guess … maybe when they get out from “beta” and release a propper game version …

  5. is it worth playng it ? i mean i like lineage 2 but did they made it pay to win or stuff like that ?they probably have a shop that sells stuff for real money, is it stuff that gives u an edge compared to the other free players or is it just cosmetic stuff ?


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