Lineage II Celebrate Its 9th Anniversary With Saddle Dragons And XP


Lineage II is turning 9 (based on its EU launch date) and its companion Lineage 2 Essence is turning 1. So, to celebrate, 4game is hosting a month long event. For the first half of the month — ending on December 16 — special settings are being applied to servers that increase the XP gained based on character level. Anyone under level 60 will receive up to 300% additional XP.

A second event, running until December 30, has all monsters dropping letters in addition to their traditional loot. Collect the letters and put them together to form the phrase “Lineage 2, Happy and Hunting” in order to exchange them for random rewards. Speaking of rewards, players will also receive daily login rewards including: a Talisman of Authority, a Dragon Belt, and a Circlet of Hero. There will also be cake, party hats, and music in addition to special equipment for returning players over level 60. Oh yeah, and a saddle dragon!


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