Last week, Riot revealed League of Legend‘s next champion — an undead denizen of the sea out for revenge on those who wronged him. As it turns out, that apparently describes almost everyone. Since the announcement, the developer has dropped delicious details on just what kind of champion Pyke The Bloodharbor Ripper is, and what kind of skillset he has.

If you’re any good at guessing these kinds of things, you’ve probably put together that an undead individual deadset on revenge would try to be as stealthy as possible — and you’d be right.

In fact four of Pyke’s abilities, including his passive, are designed to keep him unseen until he’s practically (or in the case of From Death Below, literally) on top of his enemies and ready to strike. The fifth ability offers him some crowd control by slowing the target or pulling them toward him.

Basically, he’s that creepy, stalker-y, killer phantom other players will probably want to avoid…

If you’d like to check out Pyke’s abilities in detail and see him in action, you can check out his preview on the League of Legends site.

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