Lost Ark Blog Post Teaches Players Raid And Dungeon Etiquette

Twitch streamers Saintone and ZealAmbitions offer tips and tricks to players.

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Lost Ark Etiquette

With a slew of new raid and dungeon content being introduced to Lost Ark, the developers have decided players may need a bit of a refresher on etiquette when queuing and playing in this content. The post includes suggestions from Twitch streamers Saintone and ZealAmbitions who discuss things like party finder and how to go about using it properly. For instance, players creating a party will want to make sure they use proper terminology to let players know what they’re in for. Otherwise, they may run into confusion later on.

Another topic addressed is positioning – meaning players need to know where they need to be standing when fighting a boss or doing other mechanics. They have some tips and tricks for assigning people positions and helping them remember them. That includes things like knowing the X3 rule and 8-player modification.

If you get through all that, then you’ll move on to items and pet bonuses as well as some information on counter-attacking. Of course, most players with any experience in raiding will know most of this already, but for those who are new to the whole thing, it’s a good rundown of what you need to know. The post can be read in full on the Lost Ark site.

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