Lost Ark Has A Lot Planned For The First Part Of 2023, That Mean's It's Roadmap Time!

The roadmap details a Witcher event, the game’s anniversary, and more.

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Lost Ark 2023 Road Map

While Lost Ark players may still be in the midst of the Wreck The Halls December update, Smilegate and Amazon are already offering details on what’s coming next. Today, the dev team dropped a bit of a roadmap highlighting some of the upcoming events and new content players can look forward to between now and April. They’re really hopping right in, too.

In January, the previously teased Witcher event in which a mysterious vortex will pull iconic characters from The Witcher franchise onto the island of White Wolf’s Haven kicks off. They’ll also be throwing in some quality-of-life updates for the guild systems, Una’s Tasks, and more.

In February, it will be time to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the game launching in the west. Of course, there will be special events. There will also be a new continent added just east of Shushire and filled with one of the game’s most precious resources, crimson jewels.

In March, a new PvP activity will drop: Tulubik Battlefield. This is a 96-player (or 48v48) RvR mode. Players will capture bases, complete other objectives, and do their best to lay the other team to waste.

Finally, April will introduce a new advanced class, the Artist. This class manipulates illusion powers using a giant paintbrush. She’s a support class and can either attack directly or summon beasts by painting them. Don’t expect hard hits out of her though, her primary job is supporting her team. April will also bring the Brelshaza Hard Mode and the Hanumatan Guardian Raid, for those looking for higher-level content.

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