Lost Ark “Spells In Spades” Update Hits Servers Tomorrow, But Here's Everything You Need To Know

The update includes a new summer event in addition to the new class and content.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Lost Ark Arcanist Update

Tomorrow morning, Lost Ark players will finally have access to the card-carrying Arcanist advanced class. Shuffle the deck and use the cards to get the advantage in combat. Take her into the new Inferno Difficulty Valtan Legion Raid and earn the ultimate rewards, including titles, achievements, Stronghold Structures, and more. The "Spells In Spades" update is almost here.

Of course, the update isn’t all serious business. It also adds new events to the game, including a pool party at the Maharaka Paradise pool – a competitive pool party. Jump into the pool with your team and try to push the other team out. As time goes on, the pool will shrink, making it easier for players to be pushed out and harder for them to stay in. The event takes place every two hours, and players will earn event currency needed to get rewards.

Other events are less festive and focus on progression. There are two new progression events being added to help players get their characters from Level 1302 to 1370. The first requires players to collect stamps on Punika and become a citizen. Once done, players will be able to start the quest “Berver’s Friend” and earn a Punika Powerpass. The pass functions like a North Vern Powerpass and allows players to bring an alternate character to the same point in the game.

The other event is the Mokoko Challenge, which replaces the Welcome Challenge missions. It adds more progression mechanics and swiftly progresses characters through Tier 1 and 2.

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midori 1 year ago
Lost ark is pretty good game, honing buffs and swimsuit costumes are coming in next patch and look sweet, I quit because of honing system p2w and pvp p2w+time gating not allowing you to catch up, I had 7alts in endgame grinding and could not catch up to people that threw few dollars at the screen.
There are 2 kinds of pvp one is arena pvp that is actually balanced(but full of cheaters with no cooldown hack and it takes them weeks to ban those) and then unbalanced world pvp with great rewards where if you pay 1000dollars you always win unless someone that paid 1250 dollars shows up. If someone with god whale weapon comes around he can 1 shot everyone in the area. It is no different than diablo immortal pvp at that point. But fanboys will mention only the arena pvp which is 5% of actual pvp content.

By allowing you to do dungeons only once per week you simply do not have enough things to do to catch up to paying customer. You do your daily on 8 characters, your weekly, una tasks, pvp rewards and if you are low gearscore that is maybe enough to try 0.01% chance upgrade ONCE. It will ofcourse 99.99% fail which means you wasted week for nothing in return and it does not feel great. This is how they reprogram your brain in to spending cash by simulating casino gambling with low chances and "big reward" with flashing lights and fireworks just like in casino.

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