MU Online Season 17 Part 1 Debuts New Mage And Wizard Character, Comes With Speed Server Event

Yet another season for this long-running title.

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Mu Online New Characters

Webzen, South Korean developer and publisher of long-running MMORPG MU Online, has just released its latest big update. Season 17 Part 1 debuts two new characters: White Wizard: Kundun Mephis and Mage: Lemuria, the first duo release in Global MU Online history.

Sticking with Season 17 Part 1's duo introduction, these characters are doppelganger-themed with backstories from Kundun and Lemuria of MU Online. Kundun Mephis uses staves and magic books as weapons and is proficient with holy magic abilities that utilize Light Energy. Lemuria is equipped with an Orb as her weapon and uses magic skills that form spheres. Note: These two characters are only available to play in the Speed Server.

The new season of the Speed Server event will allow players to take the fast track to reach level 700 as usual but introduces special events and benefits along the way. Once players hit 700, they'll receive +11 3rd Wings and 100,000 Ruud alongside a free character transfer to their original server. For those who try out the new characters, they'll get a little something extra, earning Gold Channel Tickets and more in the Speed Server. Also, level-up rewards, purchase bonuses, transfer bonus rewards, and special in-game giveaways will be in effect once players get into Speed Server.

You can visit the MU Online website to learn more about Season 17 Part 1!

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