Lost Ark's December Update Is Large, Large Enough To Be Split Into Two Updates

And they’re just a week apart.

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Lost Ark December Updates

There’s a lot happening in Lost Ark this month. In fact, there’s so much going on, it had to be spread across two updates. The first update, arriving December 13, will introduce the continent of Voldis. This new region requires an item level of 1520 or higher to enter and is filled with sages and alchemy. The update will also introduce the Gargadeth Guardian raid, a new seasonal event, and Proving Grounds Season 4, among other things.

The MMORPG's next update will drop a week later. This is the endgame update and will include the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon. The new dungeon is located in Voldis and has an Item Level requirement of 1600 for Normal and 1620 for Hard. Completing the dungeon can earn players Honing materials, gold, and special hidden rewards.

The update also includes the new elixir system, which will aid in increasing the player’s combat abilities. This is done by giving gear new effects. The elixirs are obtained in the Ivory Tower Abyssal dungeon. Normal mode will reward Epic elixirs while Hard mode rewards Legendary elixirs.

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