On June 16, Standing Stone Games will be closing The Lord of the Rings Online‘s Ithil server. The closure will follow the game’s regular 8:00 AM Eastern maintenance period, after which point players will no longer be able to log into it, but will still be able to transfer characters and shared items for a limited time.

When we say limited time, we mean a little under six months. Yes, as long as you remember to do it, because six months is a long time to remember to do anything, you can transfer your items from Ithil to any of the game’s other servers up until December 31st. At that point the server will be closed permanently and any unmoved characters and items will be lost to the abyss.

To help with the process, Standing Stone Games is offering players a free transfer. Just use the transfer button that appears after logging into the game launcher. The other good news is that players are not restricted in the same way they’ve previously been when choosing where to transfer. U.S. and European severs are both open to those transferring from Ithil.

There are a couple of important things to note that you’ll have to take care of sooner rather than later in order to prepare for this transfer. Since the server is closing on June 16, anyone with kinship houses will need to sell them before that, otherwise character transfer will be unsuccessful. At the same time, players will also want to go through any existing mail and detach items they want to keep. Mail can be transferred to new servers, but the items won’t carry over with it.

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