For a 12-year-old game that’s facing some questions about its continued existence in the wake of some upcoming competition, The Lord of the Rings Online sure has a lot in its development pipeline. At this weekend’s Gen Con in Indianapolis, Standing Stone Games had some big news to dish out regarding future content for both LotRO and its cousin, Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Addressing a crowd at Gen Con, Executive Producer Rob “Severlin” Ciccolini talked about the next expansion, titled Minas Morgul and named after Sauron’s bastion on the edge of Mordor. It will continue the Vales of Anduin storyline and introduce a new race of dwarves, the Stout Axe Dwarves. They retained their Ring of Power, which led to Sauron invading and conquering them, bringing prisoners back to Mordor. Generations later, they’ve started to rise up against their cruel oppression.

Also, you’ll be able to play a lady dwarf for the first time!

And you can change races!

Some people got up in arms about the lore-appropriateness of rune-keepers when they came to LotRO a decade ago, so one wonders what they’ll say about turning your hobbit into an elf. Then again, Gandalf probably has a spell for everything.

Thanks to LOTRO Players for the video and Jean “Druidsfire” Prior for the info via Twitter!


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