Love It Or Hate It: Heroes of the Storm

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor

Heroes of the Storm

Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of "great, totally non-exploitative implementation" and others thinking "total pay-to-win trash." We'd like to see on what side of the spectrum the gaming public -- and by that, we mean you guys -- think of certain F2P games, and so we've invented something new called Love It Or Hate It?

Every week, we'll present a new F2P game and give you the option of passing judgment on it. Then we'll look back at it the next week and see what people thought. There are no prizes, except for the satisfaction of knowing you clicked on a button and made something happen. Really, what else do you need?

Maybe EverQuest's time has finally passed. Last week's survey for EverQuest II wasn't the least-responded-to Love It Or Hate It. It was the second-least. Ahead of only EverQuest. And 61.2% of you were "meh," the highest total ever. OK, we get it, we won't discuss EverQuest here again... until EverQuest Next comes out. Someday.

Let's try something a little more popular this week, then, and see what people think of the "new contender" in the MOBA arena, Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm!

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Tell us what you think of Heroes of the Storm, and leave a comment below to expound upon your views!

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Jason Winter
Jason Winter, News Editor
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Sol 7 years ago
I really enjoy the fact it's easy to get into and the stylising of it. Hero League is there for the tougher challenges and more competitive feel whilst there's the option of taking it easy and playing whatever I feel like without fear of retribution. The lack of items helps to keep the game super balanced as well.

Apoth 7 years ago
I put "meh" because I feel as a solo player it doesn't matter how good I am as long as there is one bad person on your team. HL is pretty bad now.

JustCompare 7 years ago
All you LoL and Dota 2 fans keep your heat to yourself please. Just because you know how to play in either games doesn't mean you can keep it up in Heroes of the Storm.

teHdRagoon 7 years ago
I love it and i play it. In my opinion its one of the best MOBA games out there and it does a lot things better than LoL or Dota 2.
Lets begin with the map variety. 9 different maps. 'nuth said
Really non-toxic community compared to LoL or Dota2.
Ive played LOL for nearly 4 years and changed to Hots because the variety of the maps and different playstyles are much more enjoyable.
Some Heroes need a rebalance thats true and i agree with the point that Hero costs are too high(maybe they should lower the price or increase the gold earned for every match)
I think its very good that you dont have runes or masteries, so you can just concentrate on the game and never be in the position to accidently forget to change one of these things before the game starts.
I like it how you can "prepick" your hero you want to play before you start a normal game, for that reason there is no flame at all for your pick. Its a little bit different if you play "ranked".
The talents can specify a hero in very various ways like a supp hero going full dmg or hybrid.
The graphics are awesome compared to other mobas(in my opinion one of the best looking moba at the moment)
What i really dislike in some way is the strong "comeback" the enemies can have. You can dominate the whole game from start to nearly end but somehow the enemy team manages to stay equal in overall XP and so it doesnt matter that you re dominating. The gap should be much larger for that you get rewarded for playing constantly good.
Another good thing is that if someone leaves the group , it gets instantly replaced by a bot. Like it or not but still better than just play as 4 and know that you ll lose cause you re outnumbered.
What i also dont like is that if you have a short disconnect , you get into a screen where you have to wait to come back into the game, so a relogg is not instant and you have to wait,That is very bad in my opinion.
But overall i think Blizzard tried to make this game as enjoyable as possible and did many things in another way they maybe thought the other mobas were doing wrong (no masteries,runes etc)
I think they did a good job and i like the game and still play it.
If people are curious about that free2play moba from Blizzard , i would highly recommend testing it for your own goods but dont start to compare it with your knowledge of LoL too much because there is a huge difference. You ll need to spend some time playing to understand everything like the time you first played your first moba

whatacrap 7 years ago
Anothwer SHi tty copy paste moba, repetetive one map brainless pvp , UNPLAYABLE controls, very bad looking, for blind ideots, all good people left bliz shi tt, now u can see what thay making, puke :-O~``

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Basedtrash 7 years ago
Most of the people disliking HotS are Riot fanboys, and that is ok. Im not a fan of Blizzard but I find myself enjoying more HotS games than LoL games or Dota2, but like many have mentioned the price of the heroes (real money price) is a bit high and the matchmaking needs tweaking.

MrkHUN 7 years ago
I'm not really a big MOBA fan but I tried out all the larger games and I gotta say that this one is actually really well done. It has some variety to matches (*cough* LoL) and is generally smoothly designed. I still wouldn't play it because I suck at it and I don't like to piss off "those" guys but for MOBA fans it's a must try.

GamingMaster 7 years ago
This game has bad matchmaking, it places higher skilled players in lower skilled matches just because they are in party...

It was fine at first but after the update with kharazim it went down hill. I quit this game and will never play a MOBA again.

Also 10.00 Euro for a skin? WTH?!

Derpina 7 years ago
Also, no such thing as toxic moba communities. If you move your eyes to the bottom left chat box. YOu are failing at moba. If you take your hands off QWERTY and 123 to type a message, you are failing at moba (because you need those fingers there constantly). If some one calls you a name, just don't look down to chat. NOTHING YOU CAN SAY WILL WIN the game in chat. All mobas should just remove chat.
Pinging the mini map and body movement is enough to show what is going on (you should be on VOIP program).
The real toxicity comes form the companies:
1) FILTER YOUR LOBBIES SO LOW PINGERS ARE BLOCKED (or allowed if you want). Most mobas cater to poor people countires and potato pc on dial up are ruining the moba experience. And there are not filters to start your matches or match finder for better gaming.

2) AFK, Disconnectors. Not related to number 1 are usually the trolls or ragers that are not mentally prepared for MOBA so they quit or go AFK. Potenitally ruining your match. I like that LoL bans them for 20 min each match making atempt. Helps keep the crap at the doors.

3) Bots. There is a new trend in MOBA. Create a bot account. You start a match with you, and 4 bots (5v5). As the match maker starts it looks for other real players, so the other team has full 5 real people...You go to wotk (afk) as the bot program loads you up all day, so you sit there at base as the bots run down a lane and mindlessly run into towers or spam one attack and run back at 20% HP. YOu can tell a bot easy (name has 435435435HH3 or behavior of bots is funny, they often run in circles).) The thing is, the 5 real players will win the match, the goal as the botter is to famr LOSING EXP. So no one obviously reports a winning match if they won, and no one on your team reports you since you are a bot. It is a win win exploit. I get home and am 5 levels higher every day for being AFK and farming losing points as I populate the servers. Do this over multtiple accounts, sell account. MOney.

Derpina 7 years ago
Worst MOBA on the market. Everything just feels like an ARMA match, except not "random", just one laned turd fest.
Boring and predictable classes (really....nothing is skill based just "level up".. spam 1 2 3"). Lack of armor or runes or anything to make a champion different is just lacking and everything is predictable in the end.
So short to towers and easy to knock over... I tanked 2 players, soloed a tower and took on 3 waves of enemies as the little dragon healing class solo... Most matches turn into meaningless zerg fights... It just DUMBS DOWN the experience so bad.
It has one thing going for it, some "off path" things to do like capture points to summon monsters etc. But all that does is REPLACE THE PLAYER INTERACTION. It is a way to push a lane without effor or dodging. "Look a beast." *held LEFT key to walk away* OHH THE SKILL!

Meanwhile in LoL, we actually have to dodge, flash, and move very strategically. HotS has some other interesting ideas like "go into a cave" and meet up with potential enemies using a side cave system to appear on teh other side of the map... It is like an extended jungle. But again, it just takes away from the core moba and in the end is not interesting.

It also is a good place for kids to start their first moba experience without too much grief. So it has that, jsut make sure TO GRADUATE YOUR KID out of HotS and into a real MOBA when he starts getting the hang of it, or he will end up like the 51% derptards voting "like" for this game. Viva les 16 year olds and their parents credit cards for a summer break of "ahahahah I pushed 1 2 3 and things happened" gaming -.-. And I Guess... in the end... that is this games charm too...It keeps the failures out of the real mans MOBA

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ron 7 years ago
the most unpopular moba around (heroes of the storm) haha suck it blizzard , u thought u could intrude on a market that belongs to league of legends and expect to have an impact . but u cant even beat dota 2 or smite
NOOBS . thats punishment for sueing the guy who made the mod "world of starcraft " down with blizzard for being greedy jerk offs .

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Jafarson 7 years ago
best moba ever made

AShoppingCartGLX 7 years ago
Love it hate the community

Alokin 7 years ago
Love it.
Pretty Brawler(moba-style) game.
Not so hard in the beginning until you start to tryhard ;] .
Heroes prices are little too high.
Still many heroes need to be balanced ( reworked ) .
Stilll not so toxic community, and working report system .. got suspended 1 week because i called one guy pathetic ......

Thank you Dustin Browder Game Director on StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm.

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