PUBG Lite, the free-to-play low-spec version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is shutting down in just under a month. It was available in Europe and other territories since 2019, but developer Krafton said in a message on the game’s website that it has made “the difficult decision to close service.”

The game service will terminate on April 29 at 5:00 UTC. New downloads have already been made unavailable and the website, apart from that message, is offline.

In November, the title dropped its real-money currency, L-COIN, and became a 100% free-to-play game, even replacing its battle pass rewards with items that could be bought using in-game currency. That might have sounded good to players but should have been a clear sign that it wasn’t long for this world.

Here in the States, we didn’t have a chance to try PUBG Lite, but if you did, we’d be interested to get your thoughts on it. Why do you think it didn’t last? Was it too watered-down to provide a good PUBG-like experience? Or was there another reason for its demise?


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