Gamania Digital Entertainment announced that Lucent Heart’s “Scaena” expansion is now live. Players will get to choreograph dance moves to their favorite tracks, explore new zones with challenging world bosses, and have huge Guild versus Guild wars with friends and enemies.

Dance System: The dance system in Lucent Heart is the next evolution in its social gameplay. Using the “dance creator”, players can upload their own songs and choose from hundreds of dance steps to recreate their favorite music video or unique dance – with the option for friends to join on-the-fly. And the more competitive dancers can face off against each other in “dance duels”, where only the fastest and best timed fingers prevail.

Guild versus Guild: Let the Guild rivalries begin! Gamania is introducing its largest PvP feature yet, the Guild versus Guild battle. These grueling matches consist of three 75 minute games (one per day) that will test players’ skill and teamwork. Each team must prove their worth during two 35 minute rounds consisting of strategic points that must be attacked and defended.

New Areas and Bosses: Not leaving PvE lovers out of the fun, Gamania has included 13 additional areas for players to tackle, such as the scorched land of Edea and frozen continent of Aislan. High level explorers will find challenging surprises in each of these new zones, including 10 exceedingly difficult bosses.

Players can get in-depth info on all of the new content found in the expansion over at the Scaena micro-site:


  1. A dancing system almost like Audition + being an MMORPG, interesting, I wonder if I should try it out, though I didn’t see it make on your top 10 anime MMORPG so I wonder if it’s any good, combat seems dull so I guess it was made for more of a social?


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