Anime-styled MMO Luna Online is the latest older MMO to make its way to Steam — most likely in an attempt to bring in more players. The game hits the platform in just a few days on October 6 and will bear the title Luna Online: Reborn.

Upon launch, the game will feature 4 classes capable of mixing and matching skills to create hundreds of individual paths. Players will also have a wide selection of costumes and pets to choose from, making each play experience different.

Of course, the game also offers the normal social amenities such as guilds and housing. As noted, Luna Online will officially launch on steam on the 6th, but you can hit up the game page now to find out more about the game before then.

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    • Forgot to mention…

      They also never brought Luna Story ELS (Luna Moonlight Thieves) to the west (no English version)

      Luna Story ELS is a direct sequel of Luna Online with better graphics.

      The fact they bring an older Luna Online to steam just suggests it’s purely for Cash Grab, if they wanted more players, they would have adopted the new game in English and release it in Steam.

      (also, the “Reborn” title was already there for the PC version after they relaunched the game, AFTER it already got shutted down 2 times in a row) (Yup, the game died like 3 times already, gonna be a 4th time on Steam)


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