In just a few short days, Blade & Soul‘s Lyn will become playable as an Assassin class — in Korea, at least. Recently, the Korean site was updated with information on the addition of the class to the Lyn race — as well as a third spec for all Assassins — all of which is slated to arrive on Monday, October 7. The new third spec will reportedly replace elemental attacks with shadow-based ones.

Of course, non-Korean versions of the game won’t be seeing the new additions at the same time. But, it’s inevitable they’ll release elsewhere at some point in the near-future. Until that point, non-Korean players will have to make due with what information is available via the Korean site — which currently can be found on Reddit.

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    • Me neither. The graphics look weird. There is some post-processing effect like that other MMORPG ELOA where the game looks all purple and weird like you’re on some acid trip. There is this creepy race of children with animal ears and the female character customization allows you to yo create a monstrosity with giant things and breasts.

      All in all, the game feels like it was made as a fanservice to some creeps. The only Korean/Chinese MMOs I could ever enjoy were the ones created before 2010 with the last one being the original Forsaken World without the expansions.

      After that the game seem mostly about graphics, and there is less and less essence into the gameplay.


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