Mabinogi Adds New Dungeon System And Several Events

QuintLyn Bowers
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The dungeons found in Mabinogi's Erinn region may be a bit daunting, but it appears Nexon has figured out a way to help players out with that. The game's latest update introduces the Dungeon Guide System, which is designed to help players navigate the dungeons, offer information based on character abilities, and guarantee appropriate rewards for the effort players put in.

The update also adds a couple of limited-time events. The Generation Boost Event runs through December 10 and gives players a chance to earn several rewards, including an Erg level 35 catalyst, reforging tools, pets, cosmetics, and more. The other event is the Dungeon Drop Rate Increase Event. That one runs through December 17, during which time there will be a higher drop rate for some of the rarer items in the Uladh Dungeons. As an added bonus, entering said dungeons with up to seven friends is now available as a permanent option.

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