Nsquare, the development studio brought to life after Nexon became NCSoft’s single largest shareholder, has announced it has ceased development on Mabinogi II: Arena. Intended to be a sequel to the original Mabinogi, an open world MMORPG with a rather unique combat system, Mabinogi II: Arena attempted to re-envision the MMO with an updated combat system which still retaining the original’s iconic combat style.

The issues began after Nsquare revealed Mabinogi II: Arena would use instanced dungeons similar to other dungeon crawlers (including Nsquare’s own Vindictus) instead of the original’s open world design. Nsquare also chose a more realistic visual style for the sequel, which as opposed to the more cutesy cartoon style found in Mabinogi. Fans argued the change in gameplay format and visual style positioned Arena as more of a Vindictus sequel. The claim makes sense given the fact Vindictus was originally labeled “Mabinogi Heroes” and Nsquare’s reason for cancelling the title due to “current market situations” and feasibility” seem to coincide with player sentiments.

For now Nsquare will continue working on Maplestory 2 and an unconfirmed Unreal Engine 4 shooter. Early last year it was reported Mabinogi II: Arena was 70% complete.

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  1. I agree with most of the sentiments expressed in the comments thread.
    Mabi doesn’t need a sequel— it needs a graphics engine update (retain the style!), and perhaps a few more regions (like Uladh, Belvas, Iria…). Sequel storylines can simply be patched in via Gen updates, like the way it is now.

  2. That’s lame. All they had to do was make Mabinogi Open-World instead of instance-dungeon based. Game would have been fine, with Tera and ArcheAge there were players looking for a more MATURE vibe to Mabinogi instead of the out-dated polygon-look the game had earlier.

    Keep the M-rated graphics just change the instance-dungeon. Shame the project was dropped all-together. No wonder why games like TERA were formed because of a similar instance with the supposed Lineage:3 that the game has now warped into what we know as TERA now.

  3. well mabi and vindictus are 2 diffrent times i would have kept going because if u listen to both stories u can feel the storyworld line goes by vindictus-mabinogi-mabinogi 2? and mabi 2 had alot more features than vind like the whole charecter’s body being used by detail so i would atleast have ppl see how it is on a site because ik their is just a couple more generations till mabi complete because its VERY soon because chicol is still alive as shown (robed guy with fomor medal)and currently we dont even see him only macha and rurari so who knows it could end after saga episodes season 2

  4. Such a shame. I digged the art style, too. Maybe Mabinogi will get a proper adaption sometime later in the future.

  5. OOHH, I just remembered Mabinogi, I played it for a little. I remember saying it’s one of the worst mmorpgs I’ve ever played. I could never remember what Mabinogi was by looking at the video, since the game in the video looks nothing like the original. That’s gotta be saying something.

  6. yes ty that game was disappointing anyways… it was like vindictive but nerfed combat was way to slow what they should be doing is making a mabingoi with vindictus characters and anime style characters like in mabinogi but just updated graphics or some kind of open world vindictus

  7. well, if it was 70 percent complete hopefully they can rework a lot of it into a vindictus expansion or something. it’d be better than just scrapping all that wasted money.

  8. Do you think perhaps the game should have been called Vindictus 2? Seeing as it was almost done, I can imagine people enjoying a fusion of the two MMOs if they thought it was more of a Vindictus MMO sequel and less a Mabinogi one.

    • ^This. If they had named it differently it might have been a little more successful. But original mabi players were really offended by the claim that this was a true sequel to mabinogi.

    • Indeed, I would have no real problem with it if it were billed as a Vindictus sequel…because really, that’s what it is. Honestly I don’t hate Vindictus, its just that Vindictus is not like Mabinogi And I would really hate to see mabi morph into something like Vindictus, because…well, we already have Vindictus. With Mabi, there really isn’t anything else quite like it around. With Vincictus you can find similar gameplay in Tera, and other games of the sort. So it would be particularly painful to see this style of game disappear.

      • That’s where you are wrong, gameplay style might look the same in games like C9 and dragon nest but it isn’t. seen videos of Mabinogi and it looks just like any other point and click game. and TERA has free aim, doesn’t mean it has the same combat like Vindictus.

        Mabinogi 2: Arena looked more like Diablo or Path of Exile TBH i would have hated it as well.

        • I’ve played other games of the sort, and I disagree, but I do concede that they aren’t my favorite type of game, so I may just be missing something. As for mabinogi being a generic point-and-click, not even a little bit. If you just spam skills at random when you fight as you normally would in such games, you will have a very bad time. really its a bit of a unique mix between action based combat and skill based combat…bit of both.

          The key difference is that timing is hugely important for most skills in this game, and certain skills can counter others, so it has a tactical element to it.
          Well normally anyways, unfortunately mabinogi has had so many updates that there are quite a few game breakers about, but while certain skills sadly have a nasty tendency to be poorly balanced and throw tactics out the window, that is not the games intended design and is easily avoidable so long as one does not try to game the system. It is my belief that “power gaming” of that sort takes all the fun out of any game anyways, but that is probably a topic for another discussion.

  9. I have yet to find another MMO quite like mabi, so I would be quite disappointed if they turn it into more generic hack-n-slash stuff that I can find anywhere else…besides, they already made this game they speak of, its called vindictus, do we really need another?

    Honestly though, I am a bit glad this got pulled, the more I heard about it, the less I liked it…I don’t want mabinogi to turn into more vindictus. As I said, mabinogi is a unique experience, vindictus, while well polished, is not. I can find the same kind of gameplay in other games out there. I would really hate to lose something unique to gain something that…isn’t.

  10. We need a REAL mabinogi sequel, not some gritty realistic-ass vindictus clone. I wish a compentent dev could pick up the IP and make a PROPER Mabi 2

  11. thank goodness they canceled that abomination of an excuse to a sequel to mabinogi.
    hopefully they start again and actually make it resemble the original game in any way possible (open world , cute gfx ect ect )

      • Because of the fact that it was made in 2004 the graphics are outdated the textures are “interesting” the only reason people still play the game is because of its amazing social features and awesome anime style that stops you from seeing the outdated graphics to be honest i would be happy if they just did a massive graphics update.

  12. I really like Mabinogi, I hope we get a proper sequel soon. The story was really great on the first one, and I just want it to continue!

  13. Eh… that’s what I thought too… that it looked like “Another Vindictus.”
    I mean, like it’s also based off of Mabinogi and is also instance-based.


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