Today, the Magic: Legends team published another post about what players can expect from certain aspects of gameplay. In this case, they’ve decided to cover artifacts — something fans of the card game are familiar with, although maybe not in quite this way.

Since Magic: Legends is an action MMORPG, the use of features from the card game does have to be modified to fit it. Still, the developers wanted to make use of artifacts in addition to decks and classes to offer players an extensively modified experience. This way, no two players should play exactly the same way.

To achieve this, the game offers three types of artifacts: Lesser Artifacts, Greater Artifacts, and Legendary Artifacts. The first type is mostly trinkets and other small items that offer the player some benefit, like buffs. (I’m sure we’re all familiar with the idea.) Greater Artifacts are a more powerful version of the Lesser ones and also include triggered abilities. Players can design decks around these if they choose to do so.

Finally, Legendary Artifacts, are — as you might expect — the highest level. While similar to Greater Artifacts, the effects they offer can have a greater impact in combat or how they affect the deck. These are also limited to one per loadout.

Artifacts are obtained one of two ways: via random drops, or by crafting. For those wondering, yes, they can be upgraded. Players will need to have not only an artifact to upgrade but also relic fragments to use on them. As players upgrade items they’ll eventually be unable to unlock Synergies in Greater or Legendary Artifacts. These give players the ability to modify the triggered ability of the Artifact so that it complements their deck composition.

Obviously, the idea here is to give the player as much room as possible to create the right character for them. They’ll just need to be strategic while doing it.

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