Whether or not you like Magic: Legends — and there are a lot of people on both sides of that aisle — one thing that pretty much everyone comes out against is the notion of currency caps. Cryptic Studios knew they were unpopular and today took a step toward fixing that oft-quoted pain point in the game.

“Weekly caps” are now a “Weekly bonus,” and that’s more than just a name change. Planar Magic, Chromatic Mana, and Eternal Echoes no longer have a cap on their earnings for the week. Instead, once you hit the limit of each currency — 15,000, 1,000/500 (Expert/Master), and 500/250 (Expert/Master), respectively — you’ll earn them at a reduced rate.

That’s still likely to rub some people the wrong way, but it’s better than putting a hard limit on how much you can earn and thus wasting your time if you play more. And the change that doesn’t address the other cap that’s unpopular with players, namely the limit on converting Unrefined Aether into Aether, which is still fixed at 50,000 per day.

Today’s patch also addressed a couple of issues with mission completion and some memory leaks; you can read about everything it contains on the Magic: Legends site. If today’s update has you wanting to jump back into the game after a long absence, make sure you’re up to date on the last patch, which changed how the Consignment Broker worked and extended the Battlepass, as well as the one before it, which added the new Pyromancer class, made early progression quicker, and added a new act’s worth of content.


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