Magic: Legends Executive Producer Steve Ricossa gave players a heads-up on what to expect in tomorrow’s update for the game, which looks to expand on several of the concepts he described in his previous letters. Before diving into all the details, though, he let everyone know that the summoning mechanic from the Summoner’s Draw event will become a permanent part of the random hand, thanks to its “overwhelmingly positive feedback.”

As for the more rigorously planned parts of the update, it’s a lot of what we’ve heard before: quicker progression through the tutorial area of Tazeem, quicker access to complex deckbuilding, a quicker queue for content … basically, gotta go fast. These are the sorts of things you’d expect might have been addressed in closed beta testing, but for some reason, it was decided to leave things as they were until the wider open beta. That’s probably led more than a few people to put the game down, and they’re unlikely to come back.

Booster packs are “moving in a new direction that more closely mimics the booster packs from Magic: The Gathering.” The Dimir Assassin class is out of the packs, replaced by a “Grand Prize” bonus of 10 spells, which can also be acquired by upgrading the Mystical Study in your realm. The battle pass is also seeing some changes, adding a new class, costume, and spell unlocks to the first seven levels, and you’ll be able to buy levels with Zen.

That new class is the Pyromancer, which was detailed today and, as you might expect, likes to play with fire. Its level 30 signature traits is Finale of Flames, which makes enemies explode when defeated. In addition to the battle pass unlocks, you can get the class for free in the Zen Store from May 20 to 24.

As for the future of the game, Ricossa said that his team has been “discussing adjustments to currency caps,” which will surely be welcome if implemented. Endgame is also a “big topic,” and Cryptic is “working to flesh it out and deliver a great experience.” New missions, planes, events, and spells are also obviously in the works, and the console release is “well into development,” with some members of the team “playing exclusively on console test kits as we continue to optimize the experience.”


  1. Not sure the game really benefits from adding another planeswalker. Would much rather see new content, story, or different styles of play added. I bought the BP but refuse to spend more money on things that can be purchased with in game currency. The game hasn’t really proven to me that it has staying power with the likes of PoE2 and LostArc on the horizon.

    I hope that I’m wrong and look forward to further development on the game.


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