Magic: Legends‘ May update went live today, and Perfect World had more to unveil than just the topics covered in yesterday’s letter from Executive Producer Steve Ricossa. The fourth act in the game’s primary narrative arc arrived with the update, and has you chasing your mysterious Planeswalker nemesis to Benalia. You’ll get the black/green rare sorcery spell Shadow Asylum for completing it.

There’s also a new event running until June 10 called Latent Shadows. You can complete that every day to receive a Stolen Artifact, as well as bunches of Planar Mana, Unrefined Aether, and Gold. Complete it 14 times to unlock a project in your Aetheric Core to unlock the Corrosive Salvo black/green mythic rare sorcery and other loot. Details on the new story and event can be found on the Magic: Legends site.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for tips on how to craft that perfect deck, Cryptic Studios has you set, with a deckbuilding guide from Systems Design Lead Phil “Helpful Pegasus” Zeleski. You can download that pdf here.


  1. Lol, that’s mean, Guza! =D I care! T_T Though I have to admit… from my circle of friends I’m the only one who does.

    I’m actually enjoying how smooth the game seems to be now, compared to how it was in the beginning. I’m really enjoying the new class (pyromancer). I loved the daily random instance “matcher”, and the new instance boss is quite a nice fight as well.

    • Their launch was pretty bad. They had monetization even in what was considered Beta Testing. The controls were really bad, even though they included mouse movement, it just wasn’t responsive enough to use. I could not find a single thing I enjoyed about the game – the world looked boring, I could not be bothered to pay attention to the story, abilities were boring and how they come at random is a horrible concept. Game progression also felt messy, because I complete that woodland first area, then I’m sent to some massive central hub and to continue the story I have to go back to the same woodland area. Even the graphics and visuals of the world looked too boring and generic so I didn’t really care about any of it.

      I don’t think I will ever play that game again.


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