There hasn’t been too much revealed about Magic: Legends since its formal announcement at the Game Awards earlier this month — unless you’re willing to dive deep into all the various social media channels at your disposal. Fortunately, Force Gaming has done that work for us and presented a YouTube video today to summarize all that semi-hidden knowledge.

As you might recall, you’ll be playing as a Planeswalker in an “Action-RPG.” Now we know that you’ll have five classes to choose from — likely related to the five colors of spells — with the ability to switch between them as needed. You’ll also explore the various planes themselves, choosing the order in which you traverse them, which brings up the notion of an MMORPG with flexible level requirements for each zone. You’ll play alone or with a party of up to three, collecting and upgrading spells as you go.

Regarding the most basic mechanic of Magic: The Gathering — cards and spells — the video has this to say (possibly a direct quote from Cryptic Studios):

“We will be strategically choosing the spells in our hand because they are drawn as random as you fight.”

There’s still a lot of info yet to come out, not the least of which is how monetization will work — not only the question of how Perfect World will operate its cash shop but the inherent nature of Magic: The Gathering (and other CCGs), which the video narrator loves but describes as the “literal definition of a pay-to-win game.” Let’s hope it doesn’t squeeze the coin purse too tightly.


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