With talk of crunch in video game development again making headlines, it’s refreshing to see one developer slow things down a bit. In his latest State of Development letter, Magic: Legends Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa announced that the game’s launch would be pushed back to spring of next year after originally being on target for a 2020 release.

(Somewhat less refreshing is the fact that the news comes in the fourth paragraph, after talk of everything else going on in development — like the various regions and classes in the game — but I suppose that’s a case of trying to soften the bad news by presenting the good first. Or, as we in the news business call it, “burying the lede,” because it’s what everyone, including us, is going to have as the headline.)

The extra time will be used to improve “player experience, loadout options, tutorial flow, storytelling, and more,” which were areas targeted for improvement following extensive alpha testing. There will be more testing at the end of October, which you can sign up for on the Magic: Legends site. In the meantime, expect fewer updates from the dev team as they go “heads-down” to work on the game, with plans to come back “closer to release to show and discuss all of the improvements we’ve made thanks to your feedback!”


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