Today, Cryptic offered up some more information on the upcoming Acton MMORPG Magic: Legends in a post on the game’s site. This time, the post offers a look at how class progression and everything related to it works. As any fan of ARPGs would expect, progression is XP based and as a character levels up, the player can unlock various features. In the case of Magic: Legends, those things are ability upgrades, class perks, and traits.

Ability upgrades are the first thing players will be able to unlock. They modify the class’s basic abilities, adding additional effects and increasing their power. Class perks unlock later than ability upgrades and are passive boosts designed to enhance the character so long as they continue to be the class in question. Of course, this means players have the ability to change their class.

Finally, traits are unlocked last. Really, they’re the last thing a player can unlock since it requires them to reach the maximum level. These are powers players slot that can be used on a character of any class. They’re considered essential to building a proper loadout and can be combined with artifacts and spells to compliment the player’s playstyle.


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