Every MMO has equipment, and even though Magic: Legends is kinda-sorta not calling itself an “MMO,” per se, it’s going to follow suit. Today’s blog post reveals that Cryptic Studios initially thought that progression would “forego the usual loot system seen in most action RPGs,” but after feedback in the alpha tests, it’s decided to go with “a more robust Equipment system” while “avoiding the sometimes overbearing loot drops and inventory management that one might expect in an ARPG.”

As with cards, equipment will come in four rarities — common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare — and you’ll have head, body, arms, and feet slots to fill, as well as two accessories. They’ll have the usual defensive capabilities, as well as special effects similar to other MMO armor. All gear has a core mod, which can’t be changes, and an adaptive mod, which can, and you can break down duplicate gear to get a new adaptive mod.

Of course, you’ll also want to look cool in your gear, and there’s a tailor NPC in the game that can help you customize your look, using the equipment you’ve found so far. You can even use the tailor to customize your character’s body, face, skin color, and hairstyle — hey, you’re a wizard, so why not change everything about your look?

You can learn more about the equipment system in the blog post on the Magic: Legends site. The game heads into open beta on March 23, where it will be available both on Perfect World’s Arc Games launcher and on the Epic Games Store.



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