Development on Magic: Legends is still chugging along, though Cryptic Studios has been rather quiet the past few months, ever since announcing its launch delay to 2021. Today, IGN got its chance to check out the game in its current state, revealing details about gameplay and even progression and monetization in a lengthy piece by writer David Jagneaux.

Most of the article deals with topics we already were aware of, such as the isometric style of gameplay, the colors of Magic and how they apply to the ARPG, and deckbuilding and randomized access to your spells. Even if you’re broadly familiar with these topics, it’s a good refresher on the core mechanics of the game. (You can also check out our previous articles dealing with the game’s zones, progression, and gameplay, though these systems will potentially undergo significant changes before the game’s launch.)

Of note: Cryptic is now “careful to no longer describe Magic: Legends as an ‘MMO’ at all but a ‘persistent online action RPG’ instead.” That’s a break from early talk about the game, when it was called an “MMO action RPG.” “MMO” means different things to a lot of people, and Magic: Legends’ focus on single-player gameplay barely qualifies it as “massive” or “multiplayer,” so it’s good to see that change (though a not-insignificant part of my brain can’t help but remain cynical that its early labeling as an “MMO” was meant to draw people in to a game that Cryptic knew didn’t fit the moniker).

Near the end of the article, Jagneaux reveals a few details regarding Magic: Legends’ monetization, which he has “reservations” about. You start with a single class and have to unlock the others through in-game currency or a cash purchase. Naturally, you can also buy booster packs, with no option to buy cards/spells directly, and there’s also a battle pass. All that sounds pretty standard for this type of game, so we’ll have to wait and see just what the prices are like before passing final judgment. Cryptic Studios announced that the open beta for the game will begin on March 23, so we might find out soon.


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