Russian tech giant recently detailed its Q2 financial to investors. Of special interest to MMOBomb readers will be the performance of’s — a subsidiary of — Armored Warfare, which didn’t exactly get a glowing endorsement. One might even say that it’s, well, tanking, as indicated by the following statement:

While Armored Warfare has had a number of successful updates in the past, its recent performance has been below our expectations, and as such we have taken a one-off non-cash impairment charge of RUR 1,698 million against its development.

Those 1,698 million Russian rubles translates into $27 million, which is a lot of money to write off.

It’s not all bad news, though, as Warface is doing very well for Along with War Robots, it’s one of the company’s best-performing games, and boasts a “full pipeline for the rest of 2018,” including Conqueror’s Blade.

You can read the financial statement here.


  1. if they would have left obsidian to maintain control when they “took over”
    then likely it would be a vastly different landscape, but they did just like EA does, buy or control company and tie both hands behind back and game suffers until people get tired of dealing with it and walk/run away.

    OE had a ton of ideas and work they had wanted and were incorporating, but, royally screwed them over from making the game the best they possibly could have, if they at least did account merge with steam it would have helped big time with player base, but seemingly they did not bother doing so.

    great game that had some issues, OE did what they were able while they were able, but paid them out, did a skeleton crew to maintain limited development/optimizations and the rest is history….such a crying shame it really is.

  2. @CURST. Noit was not released to compete with WoT. It was released as an alternative. WoT lives on PvP and AW pushes , and has since day one, PvE. PvP is a necessary evil the way they deal with it.

    • Not really. You’ve ended up with PvE focus in the West because of Western mentality and because you don’t have anyone playing. In AW Russia (which actually still has active players) PvP is very much the main attraction.

      And how exactly to you imagine a game being an alternative without being a competition?

  3. Dont waste time for any russian games ,they ruin everything they touch, casshgrab, pay to win, subscription, cash shop, beverending bugs with unbalanced gayplay

  4. No point in comparing it to wot, they’re different. AW has lots of pve content, easier progression and modern tanks. It deserves to live on, there are no similar tank games around.

  5. At Raz. It is on Steam. The game is not advertised in any shape or form.

    It’s way worse than WoT. In terms of graphics and gameplay. There’s next to no players and no way you can play PvP. EU and NA are PvE only.

    Tbh, get what they fully deserve

  6. The graphics and gameplay are better the WOT (Looked better) but their servers are terrible, and the performance definitely needed to be optimized.

    • I have no issue with connection, check your network or something. And about performance – devs are doing great! :3 Cryengine never was easy for hardware.

  7. They mismanaged AW and ignored feedback. Now it barely has enough players to get a match going. They’re milking it with P2W lootboxes to wring what little money they can get from the stupid rubes that are still clinging to it.


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