Photo: Stefan Dietz, The Oregonian

We all get bored in the airport. Sometimes we pull out our phone or our favorite handheld console and play a game on it.

But what do you do if all you’ve got is a PlayStation 4 stuffed into your luggage? There’s no where to plug it into and — oh wait, look at all those shiny monitors …

That was apparently the thought process of a man in an airport in Portland, Ore., on Thursday, who simply “plugged his Playstation 4 into a monitor that showed a map of the airport.” The Oregonian has a photo of the man, who appears to be playing Apex Legends. When airport officials confronted him, he asked if he could finish playing his round but was denied. Bet that pissed off his teammates.

There’s no mention of any charges being filed, nor of anyone being terribly inconvenienced by the disruption to the monitor, which was supposed to show a map of the airport. All I know is, the next time I’m in a PvP game and one of my teammates is derpy, I’m going to wonder if he’s being harassed by airport security. Or maybe I’ll use that excuse myself if I’m playing poorly.


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