Once again, this week’s free Epic Games Store offerings are all about the indie games. There are two of them: an episodic game by the name of 3 out of 10 and a puzzle game titled Wilmot’s Warehouse.

Looking at the two games, it appears that Wilmot’s Warehouse is the only one of the two that will end up costing you money after the free week is up. You’re looking at $15 if you don’t grab it before next Thursday. This game, from developers Hollow Ponds and Richard Hogg, is a co-op puzzle game in which players do their best to keep things nice and organized so everything continues to run smoothly. Just like in a normal warehouse, you sort things by type, arranging them in pretty much any way you like — just as long as they’re organized somehow. And, of course, the more stuff you have, the more difficult it will become to move things around.

The other game, 3 out of 10 from Terrible Posture Games, consists of five episodes and tells the story of the world’s worst video game studio. There are five episodes in total. The first one is what’s available now. The other four will be released weekly and available for free each time. In fact, it appears the only thing you might end up paying for is the soundtrack — if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in having. (Or if you’d just like to throw the devs some cash in general.) If you do want to pick that up, it’ll cost you $10.


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