No tricks here, Nexon has just released a new gameplay trailer for Maplestory 2 which is filled with nothing but actual gameplay, a refreshing sight to see these days. In the trailer you’ll find plenty of examples of how Nexon has used the additional dimension to Maplestory 2’s advantage, adding such three dimensional diversions as swimming, driving, and other minigames which coupled with the trailer music gave off some serious Mario Party vibes.

Of course, Maplestory isn’t just about hanging around socializing and spamming @@@@@ symbols in chat which is why it was good to see the later half of the trailer devoted to Maplestory 2’s new combat which takes full advantage of the MMO’s new 3D environments providing some rather pleasing visual effects, especially when it comes to boss fights.

Maplestory 2 is currently in Alpha having been in development since 2010 and is set during an era prior to the original. Right now the MMO is scheduled to enter closed beta in Korea sometime this year with a global release to be confirmed at a later date. In the meantime, Nexon Korea plans on recruiting some of the game’s supporters to a special ‘Supporter’s Day’ sometime in June, where they will be able to interact with the developers and preview the game.

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  1. gameplay looks nice, if it was simply maplestory with an upgraded look then everyone would probably jump over to maplestory 2 and the original maplestory would be abandoned even after all those updates but at least its very different, awesome transition. Maplestory 2 looks like it will bring over all the nostalgic classes,monsters and places into a much better generation game.
    Anyone bawling over this, just go play the original maplestory, it will make nexon happy. I’m no fan of maplestory but I did play it before so I think maplestory 2 will definitely be my kind of gameplay.

  2. minecraft or not , is a great idea and used efect is awasome , and minecraft is sandbox no Hack and Slash MMORPG

  3. Hey it looks alright to me. I’d try it! Only thing I’d hate is if it’s exact same kind of leveling system and cashshop crap as the first Maplestory, as well as the skill mastery and job quest items being ridiculously hard to get later on. As far as it looking similar to Minecraft, big deal, I think I’d prefer them do that over the normal type of 3D mmo model. At least give it a try before writing it off as a ripoff, if anything, the style is more of a ripoff of Wakfu than it is Minecraft. xD

  4. It looks nice, I know that many people are saying that it looks like Minecraft but for me this looks amazing. I never really got into playing Minecraft because of stupid multiplayer. Altogether this doesn’t look even close to that game. If I can get somehow into Korean beta. Since I check every F2P game that comes out on PC I will surely give it a try. I will be glad to check it out, it looks super fun.

  5. It might look totally different from what most of us had expected, but I like it. It still FEELS like maplestory. It’s cutesy, and it has a lot of character. Combat looks really enjoyable, too.

    I’m looking forward to this, probably gonna be years before a NA release, though… =(

  6. Oh my, when I thought they said Maple Story 2. I thought they were going to some updated graphics but same platform. But boy was I wrong. It actually looks like it’ll take some kind of skill…Sort of… I don’t know.

    Anywho, Nexon did a surprisingly good job with this. Lets hope they don’t screw it up. Would be funny if they added building to it though.

    The game does not resemble minecraft that much to me besides the blocks. I think it resembles bastion or spiral knights. But who cares about that.

    Nexon you did good, they can easily implement a cash shop like they did with the first one. Add some weird coupons and random chances, they could get a profit. Or have pets that actually fight…

  7. Well I never played or read about maple story but this trailer makes me regret that lol. I am really interested in playing maple story 2 looks very neat and beautiful . thats called a game

  8. This actually doesn’t look too bad. I have no particular interest in the original,but this looks like something I might actually be able have some fun with. Although, it’s admittedly a bit hard to pass judgment with the limited amount of information available right now.

  9. don’t care much for sidescrollers, prob why i never gave the first one a chance, but might give this one a go…looks a bit cartoony for my taste, but the gameplay mechanics look pretty interesting and looks like it offers a challenge.

  10. Good grief. Maplestory, as much hate as it gets was the game that I’ve played for the combined longest time in my life. It was an enjoyable time and it was a great pastime activity for me when I was younger (last time I played was around a year ago, for about a week) and I keep coming back when major updates occur just to check them out. And to the point- if they decide to release MapleStory 2 when it looks like this it may just be called zOMG 2, looks kinda the same with improved graphics and different viewing angles. This looks really bad, and I hope if they have some integrity and respect to the game that they keep the current one and run them separately. The game was so much better when they weren’t trying to improve it so much and made it worse, I used to play v51 private servers for a long time because it was way better with only 4/5 classes (I think pirate was out then, not sure though). Now there’s like 30 classes (Didn’t really count) and the game became really boring.

  11. Looking forward to trying this out, hopefully they return to the old style of character progression. I played and enjoyed the original until they started adding the hero classes. They didn’t even pretend to try to balance them and the game became uber casual and pointless to anyone who made a lot of progress before that point since just about anyone could reach the cap then without much time or effort. It did to MS what Cataclysm initiated for WoW sort of. The game was never serious but people who legitimately earned their way to level 120+ had earned bragging rights as a devoted player.

  12. I actually like this, and will be playing this for a bit, I think.

    It’s good, that they made this one different to the original, because if it’d be almost exactly like the original, they’d be fighting against their own damn product.

  13. I like it. Wasnt interested until I saw this gameplay.
    Coming from a maplestory 1 player since 2006, I will be giving this a go.
    It looks very very fun in my eyes. But it definitely does not look like maplestory.

  14. maplestory one having unique gameplay? the only thing unique about maplestory is you can move your character with the keyboard other than that there is nothing unique about maplestory

    so yes i will be trying maplestory 2 because maplestory one is filled with elitist jerks who just wanna mash one button all the time and say its a good game

  15. This game honestly looks interesting. honestly was expecting some 3D style sidescroll stuff which the first one had enough of. I just wonder how a boss raid might go 😡

  16. Uhhh no thanks i think ima stick with the original MapleStory 1, MapleStory 2 looks so much like a game that doesnt catch my interest due to the gameplay style. Sorry! ( From a player from MapleStory 1 )

  17. …i’m kinda confused now; is the world gonna be open world like original maplestory, or is it now dungeon-based?

  18. nipplestory, WHY?! WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why you guys love games like this?! i dont understand, anime so sucks!!!!!!!! why anime has so much fans?! hate lingeage hate tera and hate gunz 2 and hate ALL ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sounds like you give a damn about anime. Second of all nice grammar. But apparently you don’t know what’s anime.

    • Please… just reading your post was the worst seconds of my life… Your grammar… your lack of cultural understanding, just everything. Well I’m glad that you have stuff that you hate, cause I have something that I hate too! You 🙂

    • Woah, Woah, Firstly, Tera isnt really anime… secondly i do not know how you hate anime because ill bet you that you used to watch cartoons and thats anime lol Thirdly, if you hate something for the fact its colorfull and bright then you must be goth but that would mean you still like anime just darker anime so then you must be EMO and hate everything =D

  19. Looks nothing like the trailer. Trailer is more to the action side while the game is really more for like 7-8 year old. :\. I cant be hating doe.

    • Not really? This barely even resembles anything maplestory–it is as radically different of a sequel as humanly possible. They’d have been much better off ripping on Dragonica/Dragon Saga. Hell, that game bares more of a resemblance to Maplestory than this “Maplestory 2” does.

      • Oh yeah definitely… we’ll have another MapleStory 2 that bares more “resemblance” to the original MapleStory. That makes so much sense to why they created another MapleStory when they wouldn’t just update the original MapleStory…


      • I think the charm of Maplestory is less the art, and more the unique gameplay. There is basically no other MMO out there like Maplestory, dead/dying clones aside.

        Maplestory 2 is definitely not another bog standard “same old same old” MMO. It clearly has that charm, that uniqueness to it. So I really don’t think the change is a bad thing. It’s not like Maplestory 1 will go anywhere, and it’s basically at critical mass as far as updates go.

        If they just made the same game with updated art, it wouldn’t attract any new players. Why move? There’d be no point. The only option was to try something new.

        Honestly Maplestory fans should count their blessings that Maplestory 2 isn’t going to pull a Ragnarok Online 2 and turn into “POS Generic MMO#4083.”

      • To be honest i don’t see the issue. Yes it doesn’t resemble maplestory but that’s the point, what’s the point of a company making 2 identical games with slight differences. They’re much better of making 2 completed different games with slight similarities in order to bring in a different audience.

        To be honest though i did think wtf when i saw it, i honestly thought it’d be more of the style of things like eden eternal in terms of graphics etc, not some blocky sandbox mmorpg. I’d still play it though, maplestory is maplestory, even if it’s some dodgy maplestory.

        • You guys don’t really grasp the definition of a sequel do you? A sequel is supposed to be an improvement over the original–not an entirely different game. That’s like saying FF8 should’ve been a puzzle game when FF7 was an RPG. There is barely anything shown in the trailer above that relates to the original Maplestory. Just because it has leveling does not mean it is suddenly a sequel.

          While I can respect they’re reaching out to a larger audience, I’m not quite sure what the point is? People who are into all that mini-game stuff are often(note I say often, not always) casual gamers. The kind of people who play Mario Party..and who are playing Mario Party right now. Who likely don’t care/even own a PC worth a damn.

          Also while I’m on the topic @Malice;

          Ragnarok 2 failed because they decided to cop out when they used a 3D engine and didn’t take the time to account for how it should play. That is to say, they WoW’d it. I do not count this as a blessing because this is essentially Maplestory in-name-only. It is the equivalent of Metroid Other M–and if you’re a fan at all of Metroid you will know how well that was received.

          Different is not always good. Sequels are expected to improve upon the past game. To deny this is to deny gaming itself. Why do you think Super Mario Bros. 2 was panned so hard compared to 3, which returned to the core of the sidescrolling platforming and instead improved upon the fundamental aspects while adding new elements that are appropriate within the scope of what the game is trying to do?

          Lastly, to anyone who decided to try that snarky “hurr cause we wan another maplestory that’s the same as the original” bull–I did not demand nor suggest a copy/paste. It is not much to ask for a game to be similar to the original.

          Are you all retarded? Castlevania : Dawn of Sorrow, Castlevania : Portrait of Ruin, Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia. All similar in gameplay and visual style but different in other aspects. Will you all claim these are, by nature then of your idea of “its similar so it’s bad”, that these are bad games? You people are clueless.

          • “You guys don’t really grasp the definition of a sequel do you? A sequel is supposed to be an improvement over the original–not an entirely different game. That’s like saying FF8 should’ve been a puzzle game when FF7 was an RPG.”

            Stopped there. You don’t seem to grasp what you’re even talking about. Maplestory is going from a unique 2D MMORPG to a unique 2.5D/3D MMORPG. It doesn’t change genres, like your moronic example.

            Tell me, what does Maplestory have to improve upon?
            Oh whats that?…nothing?… no s***.
            It has been out for a very long time and it is beginning to run dry. It has been losing (not gaining in the slightest) popularity for a long time now as well. So you’re telling me in order to revive the title, they should do the -exact same game- again and pray for success?
            You’re actually retarded if you believe that.

            What Maplestory is doing, is instead of carrying on the 2D aspect, which has been done to death within the first iteration of the game, it took the UNIQUE aspect of itself. Maplestory 2 is clearly an MMO focused on being unique. It’s not a typical tab target 3D MMO, nor is it a typical action MMO either. It has its own little place it’s clearly going to fill out and thrive upon.
            THAT is EXACTLY what a sequel needs to do. Especially when it no longer has any room to grow. There is nothing they could have done with Maplestory’s 2D aspect except make it fully 2.5D, and that’s a graphical upgrade. That will hardly bring in new players, and would only serve to split the already dwindling community.

            Maplestory 1 isn’t going anywhere. If they planned on shutting it down when 2 was released, then they sure as hell could’ve wasted their time cloning what they already have, just prettier. That’s the definition of a pointless waste of time.

            If you believe that Maplestory is only different because it’s 2D, then you’re delusional, and a moron. The 2D gameplay will be what makes Maplestory 1, Maplestory 1. The 3D/2.5D gameplay will be what makes Maplestory 2, Maplestory 2. The uniqueness within themselves that no doubt both games will share, is what will make them a MAPLESTORY title.

            Stupidity and fanboyism really stops a lot of people from enjoying a good thing, don’t let yourself be a stupid fanboy, kid.

          • Not even going to bother reading that entire post full of rage… Especially when you can tell what’s coming out from the beginning and ending sentence. If you need to stoop to insulting with the improper usage of “retarded,” then we’re done here… Overall, you just proved to all of us about how clueless you really are.

  20. So..the only unique aspect to the Maplestory–the art style–has been replaced with big-head chibi 3D models that lack any real character. Uhhhh….wot?

    • Sounds exactly like ms artstyle to me… minus the 3D.

      I actually kinda like the looks of it. Combat looks fun at least.

  21. Not really even sure what to say about this… It’s just so weird. Why did they go with a look so similar to minecraft? Referring specifically to the very blocky look that’s present in most of the areas.

    Just so weird. At first I thought I liked it but then I just couldn’t get over the weird fixed isometric minecrafty look.

    • they went with a look similar to minecraft for 2 reasons:
      1. nexon are cash grabbers, so “similar to a popular thing” is right up their alley.
      2. because it looks decent without a ton of effort.

      • They went with an isometric grid.

        So have other games.

        I doubt they would want to be a minecraft clone.

        Nexon is great at cash grabbing, that might explain the isometric view. The boss fights did look pretty innovative.

    • well it is still in a ALPHA stages, i feel like things such as water texture will change, and that this trailer is simply to give you a general idea of how the game would function.


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