A wave of pandemonium is about to hit Maple World as Chaos hits MapleStory this summer. The 2D side-scrolling MMORPG from Nexon will feature a new series of major content updates that will unfold throughout the next two months.

The Black Mage was subdued during Big Bang, but not all is well. Chaos will run rampant this month when the Age of Heroes update comes to MapleStory on June 29. This update will feature the brand new Gate to the Future, which introduces brand new quests, zones and a whole new high level boss for players to battle.

Players will soon be able to party up and explore the Gate to the Future and its surrounding ruins, which contain mutated versions of low level monsters that may be familiar to veteran fans. These mutants however are much more powerful than their counterparts and will prove to be quite the challenge. Additionally, inside the new zone Dark Ereve is the Knight Stronghold, which is filled with Cygnus Knight enemies that have the same types of skills as the Cygnus Knight characters players can create. Players will be able to battle their way through the Henesys Ruins and the Knight Stronghold to investigate the corruption of Empress Cygnus and her knights, which will ultimately prove to be the most formidable challenge in the entire game.

Players will also experience a complete hero class rebalancing coming to MapleStory as a part of the Age of Heroes. Restrictions for creating Dual Blade, Aran and Evan classes will be lifted, and these classes will have various new skills added and return as completely revamped characters. Even further, the Explorers, Cygnus and Resistance classes will return more powerful than ever as their main skills will be enhanced. But Maple World must beware: in the wake of new alliances forged, players should be on the lookout for new class relationships as old friends can just as quickly become bitter enemies.

Four more major content additions will be joining the Age of Heroes during the Chaos update series this summer. The month of July will introduce the Age of Artisans, which will unveil a new level-based item crafting system. The Age of Battle will kick off the much anticipated player vs. player (PvP) mode to MapleStory, and later players must band together to take on a fearsome enemy during the Ice Knight update. More details about the update will be announced as players continue to battle their way through Chaos.

MapleStory is available to download and play for free at http://maplestory.nexon.net.


  1. ks but its harder to do that because every1s in a rush to do the most dmg to the other and just attk who ever you see

  2. I sure hope this means Hero classes will no longer be completely OP so they stop ganking everyone and claiming maps as their own.

    • What do you mean by ganking? You cannot gank in Maple… Maple is going to have a PvP arena, sort of similar to a PQ. And it will give useful amounts of EXP and points to spend on PVP Gear.

  3. OMG !! If u see the trailer you will find out that they will interdouce ” Player Vs Player ” !!!!!!
    if maple story got a pvp system i will play it again for sure !!!!

  4. That sounds quite nice, I dont like to play Maplestory too much but mostly I return playing every major update came (such as creation of Dual Blade, creation of Cygnus Knights and the Big Bang updates), and I will return as well after June 29th.


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