Nexon had several big announcements for attendees at least weekend’s MapleStory Fest, where fans of both the old and new titles learned about what was to come in their favorite games, won some cool prizes, and got to rub elbows in meatspace with people they might have previously only known through the games.

MapleStory 2 will receive a new class, the fist-fighting martial artist Striker, coming in the Awakening expansion, which will raise the level cap to 70 and introduce new storylines, dungeons, and ascendent gear. All this comes on May 30 and will be free for all players. You can claim a Grand Awakening Wonders on the expansion’s site by May 28 to earn a free level 60 boost and 30 Days of Premium Club access.

Fans of the original MapleStory will also be getting a new class soon. The Pathfinder is the first class to be introduced to the game since the Black Mage update, and it arrives on June 12. Nexon also announced content creator programs for MapleStory and MapleStory 2, which you can apply for here (MS) and here (MS2).

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