Details on MapleStory update v.190 have been revealed. Title Nova: Liberation of Cadena, the update adds a new close combat character that specializes in fighting with chains: Cadena. Cadena uses thief equipment and luck to get along, all while preparing herself to take on Magnus, the attacker of the Heliseum royal family. In addition to the chain, which she can even use to maneuver, she has the ability to master other weapons, such as the shotgun or a spiked bat.

In addition to the new character, the update adds 5th Job skills for all character categories. These include Ethereal Form for the Magicians, which allows them to move to another dimension to avoid damage, and the Pirate Overdrive Skill that allows them to gain a higher attack. Even Cadena gets the Chain Arts: Fury, a skill that gives her the ability to use a giant chain to strike several enemies at once.

And, as always, there are quality of life and other changes — including events. Players can check all of these out on the MapleStory site.

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