Nexon’s 2D side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory is adding three new character classes during the Legends update, which begins on December 7. Legends, which will introduce the much anticipated Canoneer, Mercedes and Demon Slayer character classes, is MapleStory’s biggest update of the year.

Legends took the online game world by storm when it was released in Korea earlier this year. After the update launched MapleStory hit the highest concurrent user record out of any online game in Korea when 626,852 people played at the same time…

In celebration of the Legends update Nexon has launched a teaser site that details the new content. The website can be viewed here:


  1. Whoa, another 3 classes… This game’s getting crowded, but all that nexon does is keeping it 2D Sidescroller and adding lots of new classes rather than making it 3D… Would be pretty much awesome…
    Though, as I return playing Maplestory on every major update, I hope this one will be as awesome as last ones.

    • Honestly this game wouldn’t make it as a “3D” game, the reason it does so well right now is due to its ability to play on lower end systems, a small learning curve.

      Maybe they will do what they did with Vindictus, which was supposed to be called Mabinogi Heroes …maybe make a secondary game based upon the stories or style of Maple story…but there will never be a Maple Story 3D…sorry to say so

      • I kind of agree, but it seems most of the 2D Sidescrollers are getting less and less players every year, even if Maplestory is different.
        So, what will probably happen in the next 5-10 years, Maple will close, probably no one will like to play 2D games anymore so… Unless they think about upgrading the game. Tho I don’t think it would happen, but as you can see MU did make that transfer, so I have no idea whats next…


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