MapleStory Update Adds New Events, Drops 32-Bit Support

If you haven't updated your system yet, you're gonna have to if you want to keep playing.

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MapleStory Update

Today, Nexon dropped the v.231 update for MapleStory – otherwise known as Double Trouble Superstars. The update name apparently refers to the game's Yeti x Pink Bean World Events. There are five of these events and they offer rewards specific to both characters. These consist mostly of cosmetics like hoodies, tails, damage skins, and more.

There are other events as well, including the Singles' Army vs Couples' Army event. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Choose a side, Singles or Couples, and complete events under that banner to earn rewards. Once again, these rewards are pretty much cosmetic and include damage skins, weapons, and other items. Players can also look forward to a selection of login goodies and giveaways.

While the update is mostly the addition of events, it did contain a few content changes and bug fixes. Probably the most notable technical change this update would be the shift to the 64-bit client. This is not the addition of 64-bit but a complete shift. That means that the game will no longer play on 32-bit (x86) operating systems. If you've been having trouble getting the game to load since the update, you may want to check your OS details.

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Flintstone 2 years ago
Always loved the game just have not been able to play it for years due to a launch problem every time. even this late last year I tried. Now maybe with this new update it may of fixed it, I will download it now to see. wml lol

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