The second of MapleStory‘s three end-of-year updates has just gone live — or maybe the first, depending on if you count last month’s Aftermath as a kind of pre-update. We’re a little confused on the numbering system.

In any case, the current update is now live, bringing with it the Hoyoung, a new Anima thief class that uses fans in battle. The update also introduces the city of Cernium, which has called upon the Maple Alliance to defend its walls from hostile invaders. There’s also a level-up event for the Hoyoung class, giving players the chance to snag an Arcane Umbra weapon.

The next update, Glory: Savior of Hope, arrives on Dec. 18, and it will provide new Glory Guard missions and events, as well as a place for Guards to spend their Coins in the Alliance Supply Depot. There will also be Camila’s Bakery Christmas Event, which sounds delicious. Learn more about all the updates on the MapleStory site.

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