The first wave of the Marvel Heroes 2016 initiative is available to download today on the Marvel Heroes site. Billed by Gazillion as the biggest update in the free-to-play ARPG in the last two years, it includes a lot of requested improvements such as controller support, a playable Black Cat, Steam achievements, and more.

The initiative is set to nearly double a good portion of the content, including available heroes, costumes, and pets — as you can see in the image below.


Full details on the update are available on

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  1. Gaz does do a great job with this game, regardless of what some people have to say. Its unfortunate Mr. Brevick left but all that means is a new chapter for Marvel Heroes.

    For people who like ARPGs(Diablo, PoE) and like Marvel Comics, this game is a must play. It may be difficult to completely understand everything in the game at first, but it does have an active community and Devs who care and interact.

    I am rather excited for the 2016 rebrand because it seems they will focus more on quality instead of quantity this year.

  2. After reading about David Brevik (the god behind Diablo and Marvel Heroes) leaving Gazillion i lost interest in this game. Adding gamepad support got me interested again but thats not enough to deal with the lack of varied content. Everything leads to the same Diablo 3 loot grind i dislike. When i like games i like to support them monetarily, and i dont feel enticed to support MH anymore, reason why im not playing.

    Also, with only a few fleas playing on steam i dont see a bright future for this game unless they increase the audience with a console version (preferably cross server like FFXIV). Would love to play on PS4.

  3. I got 1200 hours into this game… I don’t play anymore because… it just turned into a typical mmorpg where you hunt for hours on end for items only to have them completely obsolete with a patch or content update.

    The pvp is horrible, I will never get my d2 days back.

    The item system is bad… you find all these uniques but you can only wear the character uniques cause they are just simply light years better than anything else you find.

    The content is the same and repetitive.

    It is just so disappointing to have wasted all that time on this game…

  4. Man gaz is doing an awesome work ! always improving and answering players at forum,most people dont like the game because of cash shop but they are trying!.
    Love this game.!


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