Piranha Games saw fit to shower its fans with an early Christmas present this week. The studio released the latest update for their megaton FPS MechWarrior Online, which adds an equally large amount of new content and tweaks that’s sure to peak interest for old and new players alike.

The first part of the update adds the highly requested game mode Conquest. Up until now players could only participate in a sort of “last man standing” style of mode where victory was determined when one team was destroyed or whoever could infiltrate and stand in the enemies base the longest. The new mode has teams scrambling to capture 5 points on a map in order to generate resources, the more points a team has the faster that team generates resources. First team to 750 resources wins. Interestingly, a team can still win by destroying all enemy mechs. Looks like fans hoping for a mode with respawns are out of luck for now.

Beyond the new mode, several new mechs have also been introduced including two new twin “Hero” mechs named Fang and Flame. What is really interesting about the update though is the removal of the need to repair and rearm your mechs. Previously after every battle a mech needed to be repaired and resupplied with ammo before heading back out into battle. This cost C-bills (the game’s currency) to do and Piranha Games found that players would often choose not to repair or rearm their mechs before battle, potentially harming their team. Now all C-bills you earn in-game are yours to keep, allowing you to spend C-bills on new mechs and mech parts more frequently. A very nice change in my eyes and something I wish more games like this would do (I’m looking at you World of Tanks).

Trial mechs have also had their C-bills and mech XP amounts boosted to 100% meaning players who don’t own their own mechs will no longer earn less then those who do. New festive customization items have been added, along with some key performance and stability issues addressed to close out the game’s last planned patch of 2012.

What do you think of the changes and new additions?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Sounds good overall, especially the removal for repair fees. However, are they going to reimburse those of us that bought non-trial versions of mechs such as the ATLAS? Now, if the trial version gets all the same benefits & is just as good, then what’s the point of owning it? Also, I hope they set things up where if you buy an ATLAS let’s say and want to customize it, you don’t have to have bought TYPE ___ atlas and can fit it however you like. Its a chassis after all. You should be able to put whatever you want in it based on its carrying capacity.

    • It is nice to see Repair and Rearm go because it was seriously hindering future game mode design as now it should be possible going forward to have modes that allow respawning.

      The reason you have to buy a certain type of a mech is A) because they want you to spend more money either buying the mech outright or paying for premium status to gain cash faster, and B) to avoid the stupidity that MechWarrior 3 had by allowing anything to be placed in any slot, basically making every mech a weapon type boat. MW4 had each mech have hardpoints restricted to certain weapon types and sizes, but they only had one variant, however the game had a huge amount of mechs in it. MWO currently has a smaller number of mechs in it due to licensing deals for specific mechs(you’d think being granted a BattleTech license would give you blanket access to all mechs but no…) and the rather small development team which makes churning out art assets upto par with the graphic fidelity of the game as a whole a time and money consuming endeavor. This way you can get different hard point configs but still won’t have the boating problem that MW3 had. I’d rather not see awesomes and atlases boating 4+ Gauss Rifles or AC/20’s.


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